Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review After 2 Months – Almost Perfect Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review After 2 Months – Almost Perfect Smartphone
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37 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review After 2 Months – Almost Perfect Smartphone”

  1. Sun Abeer

    The s9 is one of the most gorgeous displays without one of those notches and you can't convince me otherwise. Even the s10 is arguably going to be uglier because of the cutout

  2. Anupama Bhagya

    i’m an apple fan since 9 years now and last three iPhones gave me factory faulty issues. now i have an iPhone 7 and it has No service problem. now im thinking about move to samsung. S9 plus is gonna be a good move i think

  3. Imran Buksh

    That's a very good review of the handset. I am currently almost decided on my next phone – down to S9+ and OnePlus 6T. This review definitely helps

  4. ELP Studios

    I'm getting one for work, but was kind of skeptical about it since I've never been a fan of Samsung phones, but after this review I'm really looking forward to get my hands on it. You do a very good job sir!

  5. David Martrano

    I got the s9+ on Black Friday for 529.00 with Verizon. I waited for this deal. No trade required so I sold my s8+ for 400.00. The 6gb's & stereo speakers made the difference for me. Very happy with my choice!

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