Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Apple iPhone X!

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus!
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Galaxy S9 Plus Review!

Black Camo by dbrand:
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Galaxy S9 vs S9+ – 10 Things Before Buying!

Baby Groot!

The Galaxy S9 isn’t a huge redesign over the S8 but are the camera upgrades, variable aperture and performance gains enough to justify?

Speaker test by Cooper Films:

Lamarr Wilson!
Austin Evans iPhone X vs Galaxy S9!
Jacques Slade!

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My Audio Setup & Gear:

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Apple iPhone X!”

  1. snailpop snailpop

    The thing about I Phone users. They have never used a samsung ever before, so they think that they have the best phone out right now. The thing is that if they took the time and used a Samsung device they would understand how much better it is.


    Don t fight in comments…
    If you like apple,buy apple
    If you like Samsung,buy Samsung

    People are here to see which phone is the best or which phone should they buy…Not for fights in the comments..
    We all have a different

  3. son don

    The screen is awesome.>>> Love that it’s the same size screen as the 8s Plus but the phone itself is the size of the 8s. the pictures are super clear and crisp. And i like the new features of no home button and the talking emojis. Lol. So much fun. I hate the hefty price tag but i do love the phone.

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