Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus speed test comparison!

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus – Speed Test!”

  1. Елена Варбанец

    Great phone. Beautiful gold trim.>>> Very sharp display images. Love the wireless charging but it is slow with the Apple adapter unless you buy a high speed 7.5 W charger adapter sold separately from most wireless charger units. An adapter for old style earbud jacks comes with it so don't buy one of those.

  2. Nicolas Gern

    This was an unfair battle because the s9 plus because the s9 plus is a 2018 phone and the 8 plus is a 2018. Now if they did the XS max and the s9 plus that would be a fair battle. This was not a bias view from me by the way it was just a second generation phone.

  3. Marcos Mendez

    That's kind of interesting I'm a person that loves to watch YouTube all day but I'm not interesting watching anything about iPhones $1,500 give me a break, anyways I saw somebody posted something about the X nose chip against the Snapdragon chip I'd like to see that cuz I have the exynos model and my friend has the Snapdragon but in my opinion mine works a lot better, S9 in lilac purple International model love this phone mr. Marcus

  4. Marcos Mendez

    Rockin the S9 lilac purple could have bought the S9 Plus but I rather have the size of the S9, I found it to be more comfortable anyways in my opinion iPhones are super boring and expensive, you get better quality more things for a lot less money, my only big question is when the S10 is going to come out as a matter of fact I'm going to look up things on that right now cuz I'll never go back to app sincerely mr. Marcus

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