Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison

Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Test vs iPhone X. 4K 60, OIS Stability, Low Light, Slow Motion, Portrait Modes & More!

S9 vs X Speed Test:
S9 Drop Test:
S9 Water Test:

22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Meissnerflux

    Samsung video colors are pleasantly vivid. But photos colors are toned down quite a lot compared to the s7 and s8.

    I wish that Samsung videos had the stability of iPhone videos. Even my retired iPhone SE has incredibly smooth video and well exposed photos (in good light). Maybe S11 will fix that if s10 hasnt already…

  2. itzz zain

    idk if its just me but next time could you also show us a perspective of what it the clips would look like compared to a professional camera so that we could see which one is better


    still apart from very high end android phones, 90% android phones sucks when we record a video and give fucking 30 FPS. where 5 Yrs back release iphone SE can record 4K at 30FPS and 1080P at 60FPS without any single framedrops

  4. Mzwandile Harmans

    I find iphone X much better overall. S9+ can really ruin my travel shooting with those horrible colors, was a tragedy watching that. Low light yes s9+ captured more light but it didnt handle them well than iphone x, its evident that on s9+ the lights were just scattered. Looking inside the window of a lit building you can see whats inside the building on iphone x whereas on s9+ its just a scattered light beam, and washed out. I prefer iphone X.

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