Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 vs iPhone X detailed camera comparison

This is the most detailed camera comparison that you will find between the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone XS. I have clicked and compared over 50 image and samples in this video in various lighting conditions.
Which do you think will be the winner? S9 Plus, Pixel 2 or the iPhone XS?
Watch the video and vote for the best camera phone in the poll.

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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 vs iPhone X detailed camera comparison”

  1. Eric E

    Great in depth video. I’m very impressed.


    iPhone X 3rd place?? Better video than the pixel and galaxy. Daylight shots are just as sharp if not better than Pixel 2. Pixel wins with the front camera I agree. But come on.

  2. mwboost

    When it comes to low light though, a lot of the time it's to the point where you should just use flash anyways. Depending on what it is of course.

  3. Sambit Halder

    Please make a detailed comparison video between redmi note 5 pro & zenfone max pro M1 as soon as possible . I'll make my purchase decision after that. TIA 🙂

  4. Dewang Gunjal

    bro we dont expect back to back videos like bullets.i think ***at least***
    2-3 videos per week with consistency will be helpfull ? – small suggetion from ur fan?

  5. dave62782

    Won’t be listening to dxomark and their fake ratings. I don’t know how they rated s9 plus in front of pixel 2. I have both phones and at times the pixel 2 blows the s9 plus out of the water in some scenarios in details and dynamic range.

  6. Ygor Cortes

    The iPhone X is so much better than the previous iPhones! Even so, the Pixel 2 is still the camera king imo. It may lose to the Huawei P20 Pro though, I'm waiting to see more tests.

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