Samsung Galaxy S9 review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and S9 are all new, but have familiar designs and familiar problems. Subscribe:

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 review”

  1. Jared Blade

    came to see footage of the s9, but instead like most of these youtube videos ended up with footage of a amateur television presenter wannabee, sigh

  2. review for the tube

    Samsungs next big thing is a bending 0hone yeah thats going to be the s10 they are announcing it yes they are the first to do it but you know there going tobhave alot of problens at first so I got the s9 and ill get the s11 or whatever line they make after the s10

  3. review for the tube

    You said it will be at top for most of the year its still up there with the best and its the end of the year lol samsung is still rated the number 1 phone out because it ticks every box not just a few every phone out is missing one thing or another or one thing is better then another but samsung has so much in there phones and checks so many boxes its hard to beat it

  4. review for the tube

    Did you just relate the display wuality with iphone 10 you do know that its not even close the ppi isnt close the 4k isnt close the display on samsung trumps the display on iphonex ive never met or heard anybody say what you just did you related them saying that samsungs display is just as good as the iphone 10 but no its not its much better then the iphonex display

  5. Mike Hurt

    You can tell this guy is bias towards iphones, he much more negative in this video than others reviewers I seen who perfer Androids or Samsungs

  6. Steve Mano

    I appreciate the review, but all the time I was staring at your office’s floor plan. I love architecture and design. Love the light in your place and the exposed brick walls.

  7. FeelsBadMan

    Trash video straight up hating should’ve known. Keep in min I have an iPhone. It’s impossible for this video to be genuine when I came from 4 videos praising this phone and seeing this reaction.

  8. BringerOfTheTruth

    "Moist detected" after 3 months, now it's has never been anywhere near water..for a supposedly waterproof phone it sure doesnt handle none existent moist very well.

  9. Farmer Jim

    The one thing I hate is how they dont release some colors in some countries. In Canada you cant get midnight black. That was my favorite color from the s8 and I cant get it. I also dont like how they use different processors depending where you live.

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