Samsung Galaxy S9 Review!

Review of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Review!”

  1. i Nerri

    By the way no matter what phone you using daddy you find it hard to look at the finger prints answer whatever wants it's been like a month since you can use on the phone you get used to it

  2. Jawad Qaisrani

    That was a fantastic review. I just discovered your channel today and pretty impressed. Loved the whole video. I am a Note 8 user and I love my phone but I am planning to get an S9 because I have small hands so I kind of find it hard to manage the note 8 at times. Its a great phone without a doubt so really confused whether to get an S9 or not but I think one should use whatever makes one comfortable and i certainly feel that the size of S9 is more handy for me plus I think its easy to type on it as I use both my thumbs to type and I tend to make mistakes on my Note 8 probably I guess due to the large form factor. What would you suggest considering my situation. I would highly appreciate your input on that.
    Thanks once again.

  3. Andrei

    I really don't know what to do .. I want to buy the iPhone 8+ but 64 GB memory is not so much but 256 GB is too much and expensive as well just for the storage or i can choose as well a Samsung S9+ with that many features and it's cool that you can customize everything but .. i don't know how this Galaxy device will perform in 1 year or 2 .. cuz my 5s is still great after 4 years with almost no lag. I just want a honest opinion .. I know that there are no perfect phones.

  4. Roger Wittekind

    04:23 you show where the quick menu for the Dolby is but you also need to play music at full volume when you enable/disable it so people might see for themselves there is a difference. Oh and don't try to demo Dolby in Portrait mode because it works best in Landscape.


    400GB micro SD card is like gold during a deployment! So much music, movies, and porn! That's why us grunts take a galaxy on deployment. And the FRG loving Army wives use iPhones..

  6. HenryHo

    I just upgraded to S9+ from the Note 5 and man I love this phone!!! @SoldierKnowsBest Thank you for all the helpful and informative videos. ?

  7. Manu Mohan

    I still hate the amount of importance Samsung is pushing for Bixby, it's nice but not near as good as Google Now. Still think the current flagship is a small incremental update, over the last gen and hopefully the next gen brings something big to the table.

  8. R X

    Good hardware, poor software, loads of bloatware, Samsung phones usually slow down after 12 months of use unlike iPhones and Pixels etc. Poor customer support in comparison to Apple care. No decent ecosystem to speak of.

    This phone is 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for people who want a good phablet but nothing else and don’t mind the fact it slows down over time. These people usually end up having to master how to deal with RAM management, clearing apps and being careful about what apps they download. Furthermore new software updates can take years.

    If you want the best overall phone which includes hardware, software, Apple care support, ecosystem, long term value, higher resale value and longer system updates for several years. You should buy an iPhone X.

    So it depends on the person.

    If you only need a phone and can’t afford an iPhone. The Samsung S9 + and Google Pixel 2 XL are good options.

    If you like wearables, Air Pods, MacBooks, good support and less fuss (no need to worry about closing apps or finding apps you’ve installed which have viruses) you should get an iPhone.

    For me the choice is easy. Buy an iPhone. It’s more than just a phone.

  9. Louis Mariano

    the s9 is fantastic quit it with the pandantic bullshit… i switched from the iPhone 10 because my iPhone 10 was a mess… and I'm glad i switched <3 Bye Apple !

  10. FORD FRS

    +Soldierknowsbest I have the S8+ and while I really enjoyed checking out the S9+ in person, I think will wait for the Note 9 & the 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 Flagship. I really hope they keep all the current features intact. 🙂

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