Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ Official Video

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Official Video – business video

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  1. Alexandra Teaca

    Buna ziua de ce nu traduceti in romana ca sa stiu si eu mai multe despre telefonul asta pentru ca eu am acest telefon si vreau sa stiu mai multe despre el .Va multumesc frumos pentru videoclip.

  2. Mateus fast

    Isso não é Samsung é mais um comercial como outro qualquer, porque eu iria gastar meu dinheiro em um celular desses qualquer, perda de tempo e dinheiro.

  3. SH Rocky

    Android shit. Bloody security. My S7 edge was stolen and then I tried everything to get my phone back but i could not find it because this fuck comes with an android that is easily flashed in 5 minutes. Also imei can be changed. Bloddy android fuck

  4. Paz T

    But…the note 8 does all of this…I love Samsung phones, in fact I have the note 8 my self…was so excited to see what the 9 would be like…pointless :/

  5. philip cross

    i won`t be changing my s4 for this phone anytime soon, they didn`t show the music player, the video player or the headphone jack, and a 4k capable phone but it only has 64gb of internal memory minus whatever bloatware they put on it is an insult, they can shove it along with the s7 which i own and is crap compared to the s4, i couldn`t even give it away.

  6. zohaib syed

    Repairing centre engineer are unprofessional and warranty is for nothing, I sent my galaxy s8+ for repairing because the device has a little black dot at the edge of the screen but they sent it back and said that is not covered by warranty because is liquid damage. Isn't the device waterresitent, but the worse thing is that the they sent the device back and the backside cover wasn't sealed properly, the back cover was half open from the bottom, also now the sim card and speakers are not working, I don't know what did they do to it. Now the device is useless. I complained 4 and they keep ignoring me. They said I have to pay, it's not in warranty. But it's their fault, why do I have to pay? Also my sister had similar experience, she even paid for it but they sent it back without repairing. Now she got a Iphone.
    Samsung make good devices but in warranty and customer service they are the worse, I'm samsung fan but Apple is better in warranty and customer service, my friend had a problem with the device they gave him a brand new IPhone.
    So disappointed, I've been a fan of Samsung for longtime had many problems but still supported Samsung but this time is the last time ever, never going to buy a Samsung product.

  7. IDK Gaming

    I know every body is will see this comment will say you are crazy but
    Apple + Samsung = the best phone ever
    You know why? Because we will get iOS and android in the same phone and you will get to Change the os of your phone on the settings and get a pen in your phone and a jack and 3 d touch and 5 cameras in the back this is will be the best phone ever I will buy it and I am iPhone fanboy I know this is crazy but it this is good idea

  8. Máté Tribol

    Same as S8, and this trailer could not name a single reason to buy this shit. To be honest, I am sick of our society buying new phones every single year just to fuel multi-national companies. It has a very bad impact on our personalities. Not satisfies with your social life? There's a new phone for it to be hip for like a month and then getting bored of it again. But if you can't see through it, then good for you.

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