Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Complete Walkthrough

Welp, they’re finally here. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are officially official.

Samsung was kind enough to give me some limited time with them before they were released and I figured I’d try and do one of my complete walkthroughs. If you’re not familiar with my complete walkthroughs, they’re basically me trying to go through every feature I can of a device so you can get as much info as possible about it and help you decide if you want to go out and maybe buy one at some point. So, without further ado, here’s my complete walkthrough of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.



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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Complete Walkthrough”

  1. Got yo Azz leakin

    I think I'm not really buying into this phone thing anymore atleast not releases every year we as people want quality and improvements on releases we don't want it because it's a new phone.

  2. Steve Bridge

    Thanks! Just jumped from my wife's 'hand-me-down' Galaxy S5 to the S9 Plus… Overwhelmed with the quality and workmanship at this point. Thanks for the run-through.

  3. Greg Logan

    As a complete newbie – I do not know a shit bit more than I did before I began – will not waste my time with this fun but useless reviewer in the future.

  4. carver 9

    This is the most complete phone on the market. If anyone would ask for the perfect phone, this would be it. Finger print scanner in the right spot. Best display on the market. Stereo speaker. Best camera on the market. Head phone jack. The most features in any phone. High end performance. It IS the best looking phone on the market (this is optional though). It is a phone with no flaws. People will come in here and name random crap but at the end of the day, this phone is the best phone out there. Doesn't have a single flaw.

  5. Chemy Torres

    I like it, please don't forget the VR tests my friend, I'm sorry not being around that often, but at least any chance I have I try to catch-up here.

    Regarding the video, liked as always, looks like a nice device, hopefully the bloatware won't be a problem

  6. Toya Sterling

    Really like this style of walk through videos. I'm actually excited about this phone, especially the camera, the other features are from last year they just improved on them. I'm coming from an HTC 10.

  7. Noah B.-Wall

    I love your complete walkthroughs – they're much more thorough than most other tech video bloggers (mkhd, the verge…)! Please keep them coming!!!

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