Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Hidden Features!

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus have some hidden features. take a look.

Galaxy S9:

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Hidden Features!”

  1. Peter Gilbert

    Instead of pulling down on notifications panel twice to reveal all quick access settings pull down on notifications panel once with 2 fingers. Another one us when you are in split screen with 2 apps next to each other and if you hold down the recent apps button that turns into 2 rectangles it will make the app that is either ontop or on the left depending on orientation full screen. When in split screen regular pressing brings up app tray, and when out of split screen holding it brings app tray.

  2. donald louk jr.

    But I can't do none of those features now buddy sorry but they pissed up my phone too bad now I can't do it cuz they updated it and I'm very pissed off and sick and tired and messing with everything I'm very disappointed so I recommend nobody get a Galaxy S9 plus cuz it shit I hate it anybody has an old cell phone keep it as long as you can don't be a dumb stupid like me and get it they piss up every damn thing they can

  3. donald louk jr.

    Yeah well I like the special features and how they first worked right and correct and now they're all fucked up and pissed away because it damn AT&T ruined every damn thing now in the features just like damn Google a piston ruined every damn thing and I'm very unhappy now I can't do some of these things on my Galaxy S9 plus because it damn AT&T get all the hell and I'm very pissed off ain't no cell phone company good people anymore this is Donald from Georgia Athens anybody that owns a Galaxy S9 plus I recommend you that you get rid of it I was stupid to get the damn phone because I knew they were going to continue to screw it up piss it up mess it all up and that's the problem I'm having with AT&T I don't like them I was with Verizon I was with Sprint I was with Alltel I was with them all except for T-Mobile and Cricket and I don't know how them cell phone companies are any others but Verizon AT&T and Sprint ain't no good anymore cuz all they do is update your phone more often piss everything up and ruin it just like Google is doing right now to every app they own and I have been totally pissed off and upset with the way they are doing things they ruined YouTube here all the hell and everything else that they own under their belt they have screwed up and totally destroyed and they don't even care about nothing but they're fat paychecks if they get every time they get paid it's all they care about greed greed greed that's all this worlds about greed greed greed why are people so greedy and hung up on money so much that's why this world is not right nor will it ever be but I miss my special features on my phone and now I don't have them that I can use like I used to because they screwed it all up AT&T updated my phone I disabled it twice and they still turn around and updated it and they ruined it anybody that owns a Galaxy S9 plus I'd advise you from AT&T to turn it back in it's not the kind of phone you thought that was good cuz nowadays all phones or technology ruined because of the crap that they are doing down to screw everything up and that's all they care about nothing else but their damn selves that's why everything is ruined on your cell phone today that's why they Continue to update and piss everything up and ruin your cell phone cuz they're good at it and that's all they care about is ruining everything and destroying what they can which is everything they touch

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