Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus SIM Card Removal (When Stuck)

Today I will show you how to remove the SIM Card out of your phone when you insert the SIM Card without the tray. Hey, it happens a lot.

Need to remove the back? Here is the video for that! –

This method should also apply with the Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, and S9 Plus, with only a few minor differences (like the S8 and S8 Plus not having the screw holding the board down.)

Required tools-
Phillips – 000 (or JIS – J000)
Flat blade of some sort

Toolkit that works for this repair (affiliate link) –
Toolkit that I recommend and reviewed (affiliate link) –
Toolkit that is closest to the one I use for all my repairs (affiliate link) –
The glue that I recommend using (I use the B6000 at 50ml, but B7000/E6000 work as well) (affiliate link) –
Clamps I recommend with the glue (affiliate link) –
Double sided adhesive I recommend (affiliate link) –
Dual Temperature Heating “Thing” (Heat “Gum”) (affiliate link) –
The best type of razor blades (buy 100+ cause they’re low cost and fragile[don’t pry with these!!!]) (affiliate link) –
Playing Cards for easy adhesive cutting (affiliate link) –

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5 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus SIM Card Removal (When Stuck)”

  1. hector wentelemn

    A broken piece of the tray got stuck at the bottom of the card slot which I removed with a pin. Since then, my S8+ do not detect when sim tray is removed and it doesn't detect sim card or sd card when inserted.

  2. Terrie Murray

    my brother's phone got stolen. – luckily he had the insurance. He has a Samsung Galaxy S9 + and we paid the deductible for a new phone. fast forward new phone came and the SIM card was lodged in the telephone without the tray. took it to Verizon and they pushed it further in then took it to uBreakiFix and they said they could not get it out I would need to call Samsung. call Samson had to package the phone up send it to them and just received it back with the letter saying " we regret that we were unable to complete the repair of your Samsung product. after performing a thorough examination of your device, it has been found to be unrepairable."
    what options do I have? he has the warranty but that would involve paying a new $200 deductible … Total of $400. any suggestions please

  3. Sima S

    Hi liked a video a lot
    I have somewhat similar problem with my s9+ sm-965f/DS.
    I pushed too had with sim removal tool (the metal thing you get with the phone) in order to eject the sim card and sd.
    It worked and I managed to get them out but now the eject mechanism is stuck.
    When I push the tool it goes all the way in, and when I put in sim card tray it does not go all the way in.
    I get a pop u to check the sim tray is firmly sealed, and the tray stick out for about the thickness of the sim card.
    Is there something I could do in other to avoid opening the phone. I have opened similar phones before but I would like to avoid opening the phone if it is possible.

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