Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ tips and tricks – 15 things to try

Samsung is well-known for loading its own software full of features on Android. That’s never been more true than with the S9 and S9+, so let’s take a dive into some of the things worth getting accustomed to, and others that you might not find right away.

Special thanks to EE for sending us these phones.

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This list includes the following Galaxy S9 tips:
– How to swipe down anywhere for notifications
– Install dual messenger apps
– Enable landscape homepage
– Separate Bluetooth app sounds from other alerts
– Enable/control Dolby Atmos
– Enable full resolution
– Enable/customise Edge Lighting
– Enable Wi-Fi calling
– Change the home screen grid size
– Add apps button
– Hide the navigation keys
– Enable video enhancer
– Add/remove camera shooting modes
– Use shutter button to zoom in/out
– Change recent apps to list view

Galaxy S9/S9+ tips:


20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ tips and tricks – 15 things to try”

  1. Chaos Theory

    My s9's video player remembers where I left off in the video and I was wondering if their was anyway to turn that setting off. When I want to watch a video I want to watch it from the beginning.

  2. NanOB52

    Just bought the S9. How do you add a contact to the home screen? I was able to do so with my S5. I'd prefer that to speed dial. Thanks.

  3. Brock Samson

    Nice video. I would never keep facebook on my phone. You are giving away all personal information if you keep that app your your phone as well as google apps. be safe. Company's do not care and this a a war not a battle.

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