Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel 2 – Which is Fastest?

New Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel 2 – Which is Fastest?

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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel 2 – Which is Fastest?”

  1. mycall adesina

    If only Samsung made an Android one phone. I'd never have to watch another review again in my life. Is give them my money and rest peacefully. Instead, they give us the same crap every year, a beautiful looking phone that after all your apps are reinstalled it's instantly laggy. Sigh… S8 user.

  2. yahya sallehi

    This dumbass clearly wants to bash the S9 and praise the Pixel 2, fucking fanboy. The Pixel opened apps maybe by a split-second faster in most cases, and yet, he makes a huge deal out of it. I use neither of those phones, but this idiot shouldn’t do phone reviews since he can’t even open the same apps properly. Huge dislike!!!

  3. steve milley

    imo, a smartphone is an appliance. And the wickedest appliance iv'e ever owned is my latest.
    My pixel 2 rules! it's made me question why the need for any other OEM's.

  4. mkeonine

    You can put 10gb ram and next year's exynos chip in a Galaxy phone and it'll still get beat by a Pixel phone! .. Why?.. Cuz one is running stock Android and the other is on… lagwhiz. Lmao.

  5. Derek Drummond

    Well done the pixel was a split second faster with it's pitiful 1920×1080 5in screen and zero or 0.5 animation plus boring AF stock android compared to the S9 2220×1440 5.8in UHD screen and 1.0 animations which actually doubles the animation time compared to 0.5. I'd take the S9 all day long with it's feature set. Seems everybody is out to take down the big dog by stripping the OS in their phones to make them faster. The way i see it is , if you need to strip the OS to the absolute minimum and kill the animations as much as possible to win by a fraction over something that's running a full skin and 1.0 animations then it's not as fast as you think.

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