Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: The Winner is Revealed!

In this video, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X and show you which one is the winner, and also whether or not you should buy the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9.

We will look at the camera, display, design, battery and more.

Let’s dive in.

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: The Winner is Revealed!”

  1. jeffery brown

    i realize your review is general, with no techy detailed info which may (or may not) muddy up the general review and make things really lengthy. just a note about the cameras… the s9 does have the ability to perform bokeh as well, but it is believed it isnt quite as easy to use nor quite as "accurate" as the iphone. also, of course mentioned below about the lower aperture, which (can) greatly assist in much lower light – the numbers are small, but the difference is huge .lastly, while the s9 does record in "slower" motion in fps than that of the iphone, you cant record long, only a small clip whereas the ihpone can record in slow-mo the entirety of the clip (so ive read), AND the the iphone is in HD, the g9 is not. im a photographer, so the camera is a huge selling point for me, but thanks to your video and a few others, i think im going to try the iphone and see how it does. i can always change back 😉 thanks for the great vid, was very informative & concise! – JB
    ps, sorry one last thing, the s9 also has a wider angle option for selfies, which is pretty sweet as well.

  2. danny rodaco

    Lmao this is a samsung cult place? Lets see i buy an iphone and samsung same year model. Sell them a few months later and i gef most my money back on iphone while i lost a lot of money trying to resell the samsung. Of course the samsung has more because it lacka on quality so it tries to fool you with fancy and better things. Ah people never learn. Who gives a damn both companies rip us off on prices its not a joke but the answer is simple. If you want something easier to use and understand but also vulnerable to malware and it loses value fast. Buy samsung. You want a boring phone which is harder to use and understand yet it will last you a lot longer and the quality and resell value is far greater…buy iphone. You can reply and talk shit or make fun or give boring details or comparisons but it does not change the truth i just spoke.

  3. DroidLife

    I always been a Samsung user since the first touchscreen they ever made and of course I own the S9+ and LOVE IT like all my previous galaxy's BUT I cant lie I'm a little curious of the iPhone X or maybe just going through a faze or something but Sakitech YOU ARE RIGHT…S9 IS the winner!

  4. dannyTEA 3

    Smartphone technology has came to a point where it is getting so advanced that us humans cannot perceive said advancements; thus making all high end smartphones feel extremely similar and perform in the same class with ease. Days aren’t like when the first iPhone came out where it changed the game with new technology that were not seen before, those changes were magnificent and visually striking; therefor one would claim it as superior. But in today’s world I, in my opinion don’t believe that any phone is far superior than another, just on the fact that advancements in speed past a certain limit cannot be differentiated by the naked eye anymore. And in screen and camera technologies, phones still can improve, but pass a certain point said improvements won’t matter due to the fact that further improvement isn’t needed. (Because you won’t be able to tell any differences) As companies grasp this idea, they understand the fact of the ability to only create minimal technological advancements and its minimal effects, so to sell there devices they would boldly emphasis their devices said capabilities, which in reality doesn’t effect the usage by a distinguishable amount. What I’m trying to convey here is that phones now a days are basically on the similar levels, no matter how much more “superior” one might seem over the other based on numbers and what companies say (they advertise). In conclusion the galaxy s9 packs more advanced tech, but the iPhone is basically just as good on a standpoint based upon the fact the difference really isn’t that significant. Personal preference on these devices. (I prefer iOS and the ecosystem so I have the iPhone X, but I do own a galaxy s7 edge and think it’s dope! But a phone can be better based on price, if you’re not on a budget then different story.) Have a good day!!!

  5. 7mod Al-rby3

    After watching this video I’m going with iPhoneX because I have MacBook and Apple Watch with my iPhone 7 and I like how they all connect like when I open my laptop it recognize me cuz I’m wearing the watch and it will open without password or when I copy a text or anything from my phone and just click paste in the laptop. Some simple stuff that I’m used to. They both are new phones and still with the latest technology but the differences are not going to effect the way I’m using my phone. There isn’t a lot of videos to watch with this resolution + i don’t have pornhub premium so I’m still stuck with 720, and for the camera my shwenis looks the same in both cameras ??‍♂️

  6. Jay Canavi

    I do like apple but this year decided to switch my 7+ to an S9+. I have no idea how it’ll do yet as I will get it Wednesday but I am tired of my speakers always busting with every iphone I have. Every single iphone I have the speakers blow after a few months of barely using them. The battery always goes from 20% to dead randomly on every iphone I have used. I want to try something new.

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