Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Shootout

Read the full post: | The Samsung Galaxy S9 has some pretty epic new camera tech, but the Google Pixel 2 certainly knows how to hold its own. So which camera shoots better photos? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel 2 camera comparison!

Note: As in previous years, there are actually two different camera sensors in use on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: the Sony IMX345 or Samsung’s own ISOCELL S5K2L3. Simply install the AIDA64 app if you want to see which one you’ve got.

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Shootout”

  1. The Dominus

    I have the s9 but Google pixel won, s9, tbh, the camera is OK, when took a picture of my family on the back camera, I was disgusted on the beauty mode added

  2. Ve Le

    2019 yay! Happy with the pixel 2 so far besides not having manual mode built in as an option. Plus unpleasing light banding with artificial led lighting. Software issue?

  3. Peter K

    People worry way too much about how great picture is. Why not worry about improving yourself. Not like you cant control the camera settings, contrast, brightness. At least pictures aren't ugly and still can see. So who gives a shit if just a bit better not like it's a huge difference.

  4. Phil D

    As a photographer, the pixel 2 holds onto highlights exceptionally well, presumably by blending different exposures. I also think it has more micro-contrast and exposes more correctly. I want to get a Samsung when I move from Apple next .. but that pixel camera. Wow.

  5. SidKillz

    i feel that s9 could provide me a little more detail with extra exposure… but that color and contrat quality on google :CCCC so tough to choose between those 2 i guess its ultimately on how user is gonna use..

  6. TripleAceAAA

    Galaxy is just a disaster…feels like a gimmicky phone..they put tons of crap on it, Nothing feels like they commit to anything to perfect it, just shove as much shit as you can…screens are overly saturated, camera pictures look way too bright…..and wash over this white layer kinda, making everything look whiter..

  7. ManLikeMorrison

    I use an S7, and while the camera on that was pretty awesome, i'm disappointed to see Samsung haven't kept up. The Pixel doesn't over sharpen everything, you don't look at it and immediately think, yep, that's a phone… The colors on the pixel are much nicer aswell… I'd say the Samsung is sharper, but not in a good way at all. Think i'm gonna make the switch!

  8. RobertK Scorpio

    Nice Review…I remember the Note 4 Camera had great details in landscapes and wide shots , I like that about the Pixel 2 .
    Just got an S9 though Camera better on Pixel.

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