Samsung Galaxy S9 VS PIXEL 2 XL – KING of the ANDROIDS?

Battle of the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL. This is the comparison of the two best android flagships in 2018. Which device would you end up grabbing?

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 VS PIXEL 2 XL – KING of the ANDROIDS?”

  1. sridhar

    Ofcourse i prefer pixel device but pixel 2 xl is the only thing that google needs to forget about that ,look at that horrible display!!! Its so bad anyhow i cannot bare with pixel 2xl but this time around im forced to prefer s9plus because of Google's mistakes, looking forward for pixel 3

  2. ben owen

    Pixel 2 XL all day and every day. I can't stand the Samsung bloat and worthless features or rather gimmicks that slow the phone down over time. I prefer the Pixel 2 XL's materials over the pretty but fragile glass design. Plus the Pixel 2 XL software kills the S9, add in faster updates direct from Google and Bixby can't hold a candle to Google Assistant and the Pixel 2 XL camera is the absolute best nuff said. Looking forward to getting my Pixel 2 XL this Friday. Nice comparison

  3. Hoomo

    Samsung phones have really bad ux imo. Everything feels so.. weighed down and laggy. I don't care how many features a phone has, if I can't be satisfied with the interaction, I'm not using it.

  4. Nikolai Harhai

    Compare the Pixel 2 XL with the Galaxy S9+. Better comparison. I own both phones and prefer the S9+ because of the display, the better speakers, better looks, different color options, and headphone jack. Btw, I do not use Bixby. I have it disabled.

  5. gkelley

    Pixel 2 XL is my first top tier smartphone, and I couldn't be happier. Lack of bloatware is what really made me decide over a Samsung S9 Plus.

  6. C C

    bought s9 + while they have trade in discount 150, but return after the days. can't stand the bloat ware. The dual camera doesn't do that great jon….many overexposure photos without details. the edge distortion is actually annoying in day to day use. going to order 2xl just not sure if I should wait for pixels 3

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