Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X – KING OF THE CAMERAS???

The battle of the cameras is here! This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X to see who takes the top spot for the best smartphone camera of 2018. What are your thoughts?

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X – KING OF THE CAMERAS???”

  1. lolv2019

    I’m deciding on what to get out of the pixel and the s9 but I’m going to go for the s9 just because I would say it’s a slightly better all rounder phone and is great in low light.

  2. hulkpayne

    Iphone is the only one which cares about actually capturing what one actually sees with the eyes. Sure pixel photos look better BUT not accurate!

  3. Google User

    Not in my opinion in facts google has the best video recording and best portrait photos samsung has the best front facing video recording and extremly good slow mo videos and both the galaxy and pixel are extremly good at taking normal photos and the iphone only wins for not using screengrabs on snapchat and instagram but the pixel does that too so the pixel and galaxy win

  4. ManaHei Mana

    I'm on Google Pixel 2, it has great image quality. But i think there is some kind of compression on youtube going on because ive seen much sharper images of Google Pixel 2 before, my Pixel 2 is arriving to my post box next week, can't wait to shoot those raw images.

  5. Chauca

    iPhone X user here. Personally I feel that the camera capabilities of the X are great, but I would love to be able to check out the Google Pixel 2 XL.

  6. SRS studio

    I 'll say like 1 'll be pixel 2 . 2 'll be iPhone x and last 'll be s9 as per me it's my opinion .it's not necessarily that u also think the same

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