Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL

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Josh puts the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Google Pixel 2 XL head to head, focusing on the design, battery life, software enhancements and camera performance between these two hard-hitting contenders for daily driver status.

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2 XL”

  1. Stuart Conlon

    I sold a Galaxy S9 plus and purchased a Google Pixel 2 XL in September last year. Best move I ever made phone-wise. Love Google Pixel and will be sticking with Pixel going forward.

  2. Ron Jenkins

    Speaking still photography, if you are a competent photo editor, get the S9+ and edit RAW images. More control, better results than in-camera processing (but the tiny sensor in any cell phone camera means the advantage of RAW over JPEG is less than with a dedicated camera). Saying the Pixel 2 has a better camera is really saying it has *sometimes* better processing (especially in managing dynamic range).

    The S9+ also has a true optical zoom (albeit only 2x and only available in Auto mode, so no RAW). That yields a better image than either camera can provide with a digitally zoomed image.

    Finally, if you are ready to go with the "Pro" mode on the Samsung you can overcome the dynamic range advantage that Pixel 2 offers out of the box.

    But if you want point and shoot simplicity, Pixel 2 is marginally better.

  3. Michael

    I'd say because of the headphone jack, wider aperture, and Samsung Pay (lets you pay using an NFC reader and a traditional card swiper), the S9 takes the cake. You know, if you care about any of those things.

    I am jealous about the Pixel's Project Fi connectivity though.

  4. Noze

    I have the pixel 2xl and my sister has the Galaxy s9, and I am pretty disappointed by it. The pixel is smoother and seems faster. Imo there is no reason to buy the Galaxy over the pixel

  5. Creative Visuals

    I currently have the pixel 2 xl and I am loving it, stock android, amazing camera, day and a half battery life. My problem is a lot of my data was left on my Samsung phone and to access anything other than pictures you need to be on a Samsung phone for the Samsung cloud. My question is if I switch from the pixel 2 xl for the s9 plus (I found someone willing to trade) would I be disappointed? I do a lot of photo and video work as well as editing on the go, YouTube, emails, instagram. The usual. Is it a good idea to trade? Thanks!

  6. Muktar Chy.

    Had Samsung for years and want a change so next phone may be the 2 XL. Samsung end up lagging after a short time, and the camera quality seems to get worse over time.

    For me no headphone jack or no wireless charging no problem. And forget glass backs. I want functionality over style. Software wise Google are better and I have heard great things from friends who have got the 2 XL.

  7. Kathryn Kinnaird

    I am getting ready to get a new phone. I have always had a galaxy and thought about trying a different phone. I dont know if I should get the pixel 2 XL or the galaxy 9+

  8. DJ Love

    I like the Pixel. The camera is a bit over hyped in my opinion but a great phone nevertheless. Having said that, I'm on the S9 plus bandwagon. The camera is in the top 3 and it does everything! Not to mention that display. Oh that display. . .

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