Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S7 Edge – Which is Fastest?

NEW Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S7 Edge – Speed Test!
S7 Edge just gets cheaper and cheaper –

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S7 Edge – Which is Fastest?”

  1. Sluzzy

    Plz nobody buy an s7 unless your are on a really tight budget. It's so laggy with just normal use. This video isnt mor very accurate

  2. Aaron Fernandez

    Do not be fooled my children, at the time this video was released the S9's software was still all in a beta but now in The polished one UI version its litterally 4 times its speed.

  3. Gabriel Rollon

    COME ON GUYS. Don't get fooled. Obviously, the Galaxy S9 is faster than S7. -_- I don't know what happened to his S9, maybe it has defects. LoL, just kiddin.

    But seriously, try playing PUBG and Fortinite with S7 and S9 and you'll see what I'm talkin about.

  4. Viktor Halász

    S7 Edge.. purchased a pre-used one for good price, everything was great love it but after firmware update all sensor FAIL … does anyone experienced the same?

  5. snxur M

    Estos videos no le ayo sentido ovio que gana el s9 que es una de los mas reciente que es el sucesor el s8 del s7 edge en etc el gabador es el s9 .

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