Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 vs Apple iPad 2

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and Apple iPad 2.
With summer in full swing and many people taking some much-needed vacations, tablets are increasingly becoming the gadget of choice to carry along on those trips away from home. Obviously, they’re much more portable than most traditional laptops, but even more, they’ve evolved tremendously to offer an experience that’s adaptive to our ever-growing needs. Although they share many physical characteristics with their designs, both the Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are seemingly …
For more details, check out our full comparison:

22 Replies to “Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 vs Apple iPad 2”

  1. Amirulhuda Azeri

    This video really help me making decisions. Just bought my iPad 8th Gen.

    P.S: iPad 3 will come out in March 2012, with 1 GB RAM, 5 MP main camera, and LTE connection. Thank me later

  2. dj wolfe

    Like dealing with a large iphone💥>JustU.Faith/i-Pad?縁 Very smooth and little difference aside from the size. Enough memory to keep a decent amount of things on there. There's not much weigh to it either so it's not difficult to lug around.

  3. Rishan Rasheed

    I have both of them but Samsung sucked after a few months it stopped working two years ago,but iPad is in iOS 9 and was sluggish I disabled some features and animation that I never use then it became fresh

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