Samsung Galaxy Tab A Vs. iPad Air 2

2015 is a great time to buy a tablet computer. This video discusses the differences between two popular lines of tablets from Samsung and Apple.

Which tablet do you prefer?

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41 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab A Vs. iPad Air 2”

  1. ii12x_x

    Im typing this on my 3 year old iPad air 2 I’m now having issues with wifi connectivity and the speed of it its really slow for 2020 works well for working last about 10 hours just working and games for like 4-6 hours depending what game you use I’m thinking on changing to a samsung tablet because of the speed the amount of customisation and because its much simpler with google because i can use my google account and then sign in with another so if my sister uses it she can play on it or use it with guest because it has guest mode yes the ipad air 2 is nicer but my dad used to have one and i loved it it was the tab a in the video

  2. Anthony Sileno

    I have a 2017 apple iPad I had apple phones I like them but I took a short break with the phone and got lg but 2 days ago for Christmas I got the 2017 apple ipad

  3. Sanz X

    i am a samsung user and the funny thing is i am watching it on samsung galaxy tab a….i think it's better for me cuz one time i used my bro's apple phone and messed up everything…..of course my bro tought me a good lesson he kept my tablet away from me for 5 days….omg i was about to die without BTS…so i think samsung tab a is good for me

  4. Random Tube

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, in my opinion I think that it's the worst tablet at the $300.00 price point, I also think that it in no way compares to the iPad, the iPad is better in every way, but you get what you pay for, now if the iPad was at the same price point, then maybe the tab A would stand a chance.

  5. MR. RDCS

    The screen resolution is overrated… Both Samsung and Apple Tablets/iPads from 2, 3 or 4 years ago were good enough then and their still just fine… Quit being brainwashed after every upgrade…

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