Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hands-On: Keyboard and S Pen improvements

Samsung basically turned its stylus into a magic wand.

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27 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hands-On: Keyboard and S Pen improvements”

  1. ldy dyl

    Uh… wasn't the successor to the Tab S4 the Tab S5? And the SPen that had the camera control feature was the Note 10, not the Note 9.

  2. REIGN

    already snapped the plastic pen. damn. if they made it durable!!! like i dunno. thicker plastic. not hollow flimsy plastic. it wouod not have snapped so easy.

  3. 【• Kirby •】

    I don't know what kind of tablet I have it got it around 2015 I think and now I don't know what kind it is and I need glasses because I have really bad vision ajdnim trying to equip blue light so how because it's not on here

  4. Sumit Ghoshal

    kick stand is not solid. The tablet falls when pressed hard on the screen. The S pen should charge in front of the tablet or on top and not at the back. The keyboard should have back light.

  5. debbie journigan

    well I think they could do a better job starting with the battery I think the battery should be made where you can leave it plugged into the outlet without damaging the battery it's self COMON SINCE you know the plug in are near the floor which makes it very difficult for people of disabilities to reach the plug in for so many countless times a day H E L L O BEEN AROUND LONG ENOUGH FOR THEM TO FIGURE THAT OUT BY NOW IF YOU WANT TO ACIEVE TO BE THE BEST YOU DO IT ALL THE WAY NOT HALF REAR ENDED 14 hrs lol

  6. Ric Donato

    Forte (for-tay), nope incorrectly pronounced. First it is not a French word, as in French it is pronounced "Fort", as in military fort a place of strength. Forte pronounced "For-Tay" is an Italian word having to do with music.

  7. Charles Alden

    Where this thing really shines is when using the Citrix client. It's amazing, I have the LTE version of this with an over 300Mbs connection (Switzerland, we're fast), as such I can comfortably stream any Windows application with ease. This also included Steam using the Steam Link app for Android and the new VMware Horizon client, which is great for using OSX and Linux when I need them. Though I also have Debian Linux running under a local Chroot so I can run a LAMP server (MySQL, PHP, Apache), works flawless. Why, well I use CodeEnvy and Apache's CHE as my development IDE and space, a fantastic combo for those who work in multiple computer environments and still have access to the same exact same development tools and source, regardless of computer or OS used.

    As a work tool I love it, even for multimedia as I can connect it to my 4K TV natively and use it as a Set-Box like the Nvidia Shield with all the popular apps (Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, Kodi, etc.). Games as well, I have around 10 emulators, each with their own replica USB controllers that feel and look like they came from the original console I'm emulating. As well again Steam, this is actually really cool as when visiting a fiends for a LAN party, I just bring this along and than just stream the game directly from my home server, it's also one of the reasons why I have a 2Gbs fixed IP fiber line.

    All in all I'm very happy with the Tab S6 and highly recommend to anyone who know's how to use one properly.

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