Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is good because it’s simple. It isn’t striving to be a 2-in-1 that might require better hardware and multitasking software. Those looking for a well-designed, long-lasting and capable Android tablet will find the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite a satisfying option.

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review”

  1. George Sandoval

    Got this tabl3t. The POS wont' turn off like any other Android device, that is by pressing and holding down the on/off button. Instead you have to press the on/off and volume down buttons simultaneously, and then the power off prompt comes up, but only momentarily. Damn Samsung for their holier than thou attitude.

  2. Tyrone Biggum

    "google still has work, like the Instagram app just refuses to go to landscape mode" that's all android developers. Google physically can't force apps to have landscape mode or that could break some apps in random ways. Apple can't do it either

  3. Jarrod Barger

    Wow! A nearly glowing review of a non-apple product from Engadget?? But, I am surprised, that, in the honest review you left out two things that absolutely upstage the iPad: The fact that this uses USB-C AND, it can take up to a 1TB SD Card. That means this can take USB-C drives and also boost internal storage without paying for Apple's highway robbery of memory upsells, or have to stash a bunch of dongles

  4. Paulo Alexandre Oliveira Pereira

    I like the device but surprisingly I found out this model haven't compass.
    the best features “phone call”, but unfortunately the price of £400 is quiet enough for a device without compass the missing finger printer sensor that is understood by the LITe name but the compass? Makes no sense Samsung making advantage of their loyal clients because of their greedy thinking. AR is a need to track location live through the camera for correct reading of the tracking information but without that the device is limited on apps and features available for that purposes.

  5. C C

    The way you hold your pen is very cool and something I haven't seen before. I've been trying to get better at handwriting. Any tips?

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