Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 Lite Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite makes all the right compromises when decided what to leave out from last year’s Tab S6. It’s great for drawing and art. In general is a good value for an android tablet.






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  1. angie natcha

    Fun fact you can put your pen on somewhere that had magnet it will stick
    Another thing idk if it happend to you but mine is when i put my case on the tablet the screen keep closinng by it self and when i take out it does nothappend

  2. Ian Nunez

    I never had a tablet with a pencil stylus. It will be my first. And I’m not a gamer, so I think this will be perfect for me. I will just be watching YouTube social media and online shopping and paying the bills with it. I should be good. I will probably practice with my drawings of boobies. Lol

  3. Leott Art

    Thanks for the review (even if I’m a bit late)! Upgrading from an old non-screen graphic tablet, hard to find artist reviews for tablets but between you and Teoh Yi Chie it looks like this is my best budget option.

  4. Minecraft pig

    Heh I’m getting the normal S6 for &245 lol I don’t really mind the fact that it doesn’t have a headphone jack I already have a phone that I can listen to music to so everything should be okay for me with a six and+ I haven’t found One of those yet so I’m just going to go with the S6

  5. More Ferarum

    That was an excellent observation you made whilst describe the display .
    OLED panels aren't monolithic , instead ones that offer significant differentials when appraised hierarchically .
    On a tablet of this kind, OLED panels of generic provenance would be less desirable than comparable LCDs . The color gamuts are very circumscribed and the chances of burn ins are much higher, not to mention the poor sunlight visibility and the poor rendition of white backgrounds.

  6. First Name Last Name

    Hey brad, i bought this because of your review. Was deciding between the s6 or the lite, and no regrets with the lite here. Everything you said is SO TRUE. I have an s10 so i was a bit worried with the TFT display. It's decent actually, might even be better than what i previously expected having used the s10. Saved myself a huge chunk of money by going for this instead of the s6. Thanks man 👍

  7. dark wolf

    yess finnaly something thats affordable now i dont have to spend 1k on a good wakom 😀

    i have just over 300 dollars and it will work perfectly with autodesk perfect thanks for the review you deserver a subscriber

  8. L'amas de laine

    THANK YOU so much for this review! I was looking for a review made by an actual illustrator and not just some dude who likes gaming (not that there's anything wrong with that). I wanted to know if it was good enough for drawing and you totally answered my questions. Thank you thank you!

  9. Terkzorr

    If you want to watch YouTube without ads you just install YouTube Vanced. It's friggin' Android, not locked-down Fort Knox iOS. Root and unlock tutorials for the S6 Lite are available as well.

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