Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | Best Android Tablet Ever?

While Apple’s iPad Pro is the defacto go-to device for creatives looking for slate and pen combo. Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S7+ looks to be the best choice for Android users.

With the power of DeX, 5G connectivity, and a low latency S-Pen – the Tab S7+ has got all the makings of an excellent tablet and laptop hybrid. But will Android’s poor tablet-optimized app selection be its Achilles heel?

How does the Galaxy Tab S7+ fare vs the iPad Pro (2020)? How is it as a laptop? As a notebook or drawing tool? A gaming device? And is it your GadgetMatch?

00:00 Intro
00:39 Galaxy S7+ vs iPad Pro (2020)
02:08 Laptop Mode
04:28 Tablet Mode
05:49 S-Pen
07:10 Cameras
08:17 Charging
09:29 Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Your GadgetMatch?




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40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | Best Android Tablet Ever?”

  1. Ray Hollands

    I am looking for a laptop replacement and have considered a tablet because of its compact form factor.

    Q: how would this S7+ perform when running something a bit more processor heavy, like maybe Sketchup, or AutoCad?

    Would a surface laptop be the better choice?

  2. Andrew Howden

    does anyone know if Samsung Dex wireless requires both devices to be connected to the same wifi network – or if they connect to each other using bluetooth? hoping to take on the road using data off phone (therefore no wifi). also hoping to "not-have-to" turn on mobile hotspot in order for tablet to use Internet.

  3. Mark Richard

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  4. kgkd

    Samsung need to court some app developers. I would get this if apps like goodnotes, affinity photo were available. Mainly good support for goodnotes / one note to mark up PDF

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  6. mfonobong bassey

    "…if only procreate was available for android…"
    …and that's were the review ended for me!
    I love android devices, but painfully have to accept the superiority of the ipad and its apps for creatives…

  7. R S

    The results are in! The iPad Pro 12.9 (128GB) vs the Galaxy S7+(256GB).
    Screen: Display seems a bit more clear on S7(could be aspect ratio). The S7 is brighter and darker.
    Colors: Even for both.
    Refresh: To close to matter.
    Speed: S7 wins slightly. S7 has more RAM, open up aps faster in most cases.
    Sound: iPad wins, with about 3 clicks higher audio.
    Pen: Surprisingly the S7's pen is more precise, although Apple's pen is more ergonomic.
    Also, with the screen write options, you can do a lot more editing on the fly with the S7+
    With the addition of air commands, the S7's pen wins me over (plus it's included).
    Both feel premium.
    Both don't have a headphone jack.
    Apple's product is more pleasing to look at because of it's more square-look (looks more symmetrical)
    APPS: Apple wins. Apps are just more refined on iPad. Example: YouTube.
    My S7+ in full screen mode while watching YouTube has no volume button but there is one on the iPad app.
    I did prefer the S7's aspect ratio when watching movies or video to the iPad's square screen.
    All in all they are both good devices but if you want the best of the best RIGHT NOW, I'd go with Samsung's product.
    Samsung DEX is amazing and helps in the productivity department, if that's your thing.
    This is my take. Feel free to ask questions.
    Also, I have a Spigen Tough Armor Pro on my S7+, fits like a glove! Wife has some off-brand thing on her iPad lol.

  8. Phil Latella

    I had one ordered. I was getting the s7 because I wanted a nice tablet. I went to Best Buy to look around and saw the surface go2. I pulled out my phone and cancelled the order. The Surface Go 2 is amazing. It's not a work station but having full windows so much better for nme

  9. John Athanassion

    Excellent video! Good Job! I just ordered the 128 version. Got my First Responders discount and with tax paid $838.14. Hopefully I'll get it by the 25th of this month since it will be my 55th birthday present to myself. Keep those great videos coming! Be safe out there! Peace Out!

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