Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Impressions After 72 Hours!

After using the new Galaxy Tab S7+ from Samsung, here are my impressions! Taking a look at the OLED 120Hz display, S-Pen, and Dex Mode! Subscribe for more:
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing:
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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Impressions After 72 Hours!”

  1. Tracey Hilton

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  2. Raymond W

    So I've seen reviews of the tab s7 and s7+ and have heard the s7 has an issue where there is a green tint When you lower the brightness and on the s7+ it's has heat issues anyone know if these are true?

  3. Enara Rameez

    Hi, impressed on S7+ and planning to get one soon. But am afraid if screen flickering issues would appear later… bcoz am facing same now with my S9+ bought last year.
    Any advices…. please comment

  4. Logan Vecchione

    Is this the BOMB or what??? Please donate to the channel. Tim needs your money to buy new products to try out and tell you if they are good or bad! Donate to the channel now!

  5. Giovanni

    For any musicians out there: How would this fare with any audio/vst software or sheet music readers, etc?

    I'm getting a fancy digital piano soon, and want to make the most out of it

  6. John Africano

    Great video Tim! I appreciate your take on devices that not too many people talk about. I am considering a Tab S7 Plus for my girlfriend who loves drawing, and you've helped me decide!

  7. Marvyn Luna

    Would you upgrade to this from galaxy tab pro? I've been having the tab pro for like 7 years and it won't show in samsungs trade in. Its still clean and all just that I've felt it slow down for sure especially multitasking and I just started using it again for school

  8. Marco Uy

    Samsung dex is only good for small devices that can project to a bigger screen or wall through wifi without the need of the cable to connect just like the new phones. Having the Dex in a tablet is so redundant and useless since tablet are meant and supposed to be used as a productivity device already that can work as a laptop or pc. multi-tasking should already been supported in tablet hence it is the purpose of a tablet. so i don't really get why the inclusion of samsung dex in a tablet is really needed.

  9. Saravanakumar

    What will you do with that tab ? Can you do giveaway after you did review. I really need that for my academic purposes….♥️

    Your fan from your review of moto edge+

  10. Miress Coysh

    Should I buy this? I prefer to buy new ipad pro but it's not friendly with me and the ability of s7+ can compare the ipad pro? And I will use note 20 ultra but if I want to use ipad pro, is it possible and comfortable for me?

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