Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Unboxing and First Impressions
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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Unboxing and First Impressions”

  1. david henshaw

    Just wondering, do the s7 & s7 plus suffer from the same crooked/slanted/wavy scrolling issue when using the tablet in PORTRAIT mode and scrolling text heavy Web pages as the previous tab Ss do?
    Really wanna buy one of these, but as I use my tablets mostly in portrait mode the terrible wavy/slanted scrolling that appears on text heavy Web pages on the previous tab S6 s5 s4 etc has stopped me buying one…want to upgrade from the ipad Pro 10.5 2017 which doesn't have this issue in portrait mode…
    Cheers if someone could check this for me if they have a s7 or s7 plus.

  2. Wilson

    Hey, I hv a question for you ! I'm a clg students and my subjects r based on Computer like programming! Will this tab be useful for me on working with programming???

  3. Amin Nobari

    How do you get the multi tasking to work like that? I have samsungs browser open, and I do the same as him, select an app from the edge display, but it wont split it up

  4. Gabrielle Martin

    Thanks Flossy ordered the S7 plus after watching this video, received it today and the ipad has already been filed to the side wow im in love with the the tab S7 plus

  5. Justin Lozano

    I'm in the market of buying a tablet, or chrome book for my 6 year old daughter. She will be using it for school, google classroom, seesaw app, youtube videos, drawing and coloring on screen. What do you recommend? Ipad pro, Samsung S7 +, Samsung Galaxy chrome book, Surface?? You're help is appreciated.

  6. bulldzr70

    i see no 3.5 audio headphone jack that means Bluetooth only headsets batteries run low fast no back up to 3.5 headphones set so this is a downer for an awesome tab.

  7. Brian Pedersen

    Hey Floss, im looking for a tablet to replace my lenovo yoga tab 3 pro. I use it for browsering, YouTube, Netflix and want to start ebook reading, i dont have a tv in my bedroom, so I use it alot in there, yes also for scumbag activities, so the fingerprint reader also is nice. I love my yoga tab, but its Android 6 and slow + the battery is not that good anymore. I was going for s5e per your review, but the screensize on tab s7 plus is nice. I also looked at the Samsung flip laptop but your review with the bad speakers killed it. The question,,, is the tap 7 plus for me? I will never use the s pen or dex and the price is steep, is there a s7 plus/e in the works or should I go for this one.

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