Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing!

Here is the new flagship tablet – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+! It has an AMOLED 120Hz display, along with an S-Pen! Subscribe for more:
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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing!”

  1. Umair Vatao

    Unboxed it today, a little surprised that it doesn't come with changeable tips. Was expecting them as a Galaxy Note user. (my kids broke 2 tips of galaxy note pen, luckily it came with a couple extras). So a little worried about the tip. Plus it a rubber tip and I intend to use it way more than the Galaxy Note phone, hope it will last.

    any experiences?

  2. Tring

    I just wish Samsung and Apple would someday collab. Samsung will take care of the hardwares and Apple for the softwares.😔

  3. Pier Andrea

    Would love to buy one but price tag is really steep for a non essential device. Same price as a decent laptop. S7 is just a dud inch and a strategy to get people buying the s7+ instead. Same as they did with Note 20 and 20 Ultra. It's time to get more value for the money.

  4. Nikko R.

    Great job on this review, man! 👏🏼 You covered all the essential functions and that was done well.

    Samsung honestly hit the sweet spot with this new Tab gadget they made. Everything from the pen functionality, the Tab cover, and the keyboard gave this Tab that awesome all-around usability to it.

    Plus the more Landscape-oriented design made it all the more intuitive for all sorts of users.

    Hats off to Samsung and thank you for doing well in this review. You got a like from me, man! 👍🏼

  5. Just A Nugget

    Samsung are criminals. Excluding regions with unoptimised exynos chips and now excluding/limiting regions on higher ssd/ram variants (check s tab 7 plus). Disgusting practice Limiting uk/eu regions to 6gb/128gb for the s tab 7+ basically charging flagship prices for scrap parts. 6gb/128gb in 2020 for a flagship multi tasking device! Absolute joke!

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