Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+| Official Launch

The all-new #GalaxyTabS7 & S7+. The tablet that will change the way you work and play. Launching on 26th Aug ’20.
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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+| Official Launch”

  1. Time Art

    I don't think the S Pen is as good looking as the Apple Pencil, but the S Pen improves productivity and I consider it personally better. They´re both really good complements to already good quality devices.

  2. Mahir Shaik

    Wow ! Wonderful and Amazing…This is the most Amazing android tab in the whole wide world…Love this…Let's give a big clap for Samsung 👏👏👏👏…Love it..❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌

  3. अकर्यसूता

    I was waiting and planning to buy iPad Air next Generation and the Apple pencil but now I will buy samsung tab S7+, because I wanted a tab for pdf editing and making class notes, all apple apps are available and yeah my university net is perfect for full HD streaming I ll definitely use the 120hz amoled screen of this tab at its full potential …. Very nice tab

  4. Harendra Kaushik

    Not providing 8GB RAM models in India.
    Samsung is trying it's best to push away it's customers.
    Now Samsung launches it's best products in only USA and dump their less efficient products in remaining world. In other markets Samsung launched the tablet with 5G but in India with 4G at the same price tag. Samsung loves cheating with it's customers.
    When Apple will start using LED displays from 2021 models, Samsung is going to lose lot of customers. Apple devices are costly but they are totally worth it.

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