Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Tab S7 Plus REVIEW and comparison – Which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Tab S7 Plus REVIEW and comparison – Which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy The Tab S7 vs Tab S7 Plus is a comparison many of you are waiting for! What bonus do you get for splashing out extra for the Tab S7+ or should you stick with the smaller Tab S7 – do you need that extra screen size? We look at all the differences between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the Tab S7 Plus!

All you need to know 🙂

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Tab S7 Plus REVIEW and comparison – Which should you buy?”

  1. Kareem Nesbey

    Why doesn't anyone show viewing angles and how it fares in outside sunlight, I spend a lot of time viewing content outside and would like to see that before dropping so much coin on one of these.

  2. Ethan

    I really wish the S7 had an OLED display. I have the S5e and I'd love to upgrade to something a bit more powerful but I won't do it if I have to step down from an OLED to and LCD and I don't want to jump all the way to the plus version.

  3. Hesham Talaat Hegazy

    Nice review, I have an iPad Pro 12.9 , since 2015 , I found out that size can make a device unusable for lots of tasks , I guess 11 inch is the Max for a tablet size , I guess I’ll go with the S7

  4. Brain Activity

    I initially got the Tab S7 because it's cheaper. However, when I received it I felt the screen is small and it was missing the immersive experience. I ordered the S7+ now and I couldn't be happier. The larger screen with the bigger keyboard does make a difference. I understand different people have different needs, so I'm sharing my personal experience. And I do feel that if you're planning to invest in a tablet for both pleasure and work then the S7+ is the way to go. Besides, the Super AMOLED screen is mind-blowing!

  5. Jethro Thabethe

    I subscribed because it said "Toni Awesome wife" I felt like I couldn't go wrong with mom's advice!!! The sincerity in your voice, made me feel safe and of course, the wife's advice is wise.

  6. Efone

    I am very happy with my s7 my only issue is glare on the screen but if you are indoors and dont have to deal with really bright overhead lights its not an issue. I am however hoping to find a good antiglare screen protector

  7. vibr031

    i just bought samsung tab s7 few days ago
    reason i choose ltps instead of samsung Amoled was because i had bad experience with their oled display
    my S9 plus oled now dead and spoilt. phone lasted only for 2 yrs plus…..trying to get it repaired directly through Samsung authorised Dealer and was quoted $200++ to repair even i tried to ask around at the 3rd party shop outside they are charging the same price. it is not worth repairing the oled display and there is a lot of problem all around the world with oled display from samsung to other phone

    edit:after few days using S7 i am in love with it and totally worth it!!
    even it is ltps panel the image is sooo damn clear and very crisp.tried 4k video and the image look damn nice like i am watching videu/picture using my Acer predator 2k desktop monitor and when i tried to watch it on certain angle i don't see any blur image as what was reviewed here….. i still able to watch any video or picture when facing to certain different angle of the tablet

  8. Andre Ferguson

    Apple consumers don't complain about their LCD screens though and many reviews show that LCD screens last longer than AMOLED and I rather longevity then so called best display for short term

  9. Balaji Bhargava

    A tech fan from India 🇮🇳
    You people are doing great!
    It's just a dream for so many students like me to own a tab with such standards. Hope you consider! Will u be my Santa?🎄🎅

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