Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Leaks: Specs, Sizes + More!

It’s been almost two years since the first Galaxy Watch was launched. And sure, in that time we’ve seen other “Active” branded Samsung wearables, but only now are we starting to see signs of a true sequel. Here’s what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3!

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Leaks: Specs, Sizes + More!”

  1. Hentjim

    For anyone wondering if it fits, measure your wrist at top part (wrist bone to bone) and remove 5 mm (0.19 inch) from it, that is the max size of lug to lug you should wear (lug to lug is the part that hold your strap/band) the lug to lug size of the 45mm version should be 54mm (2.12inch) lug to lug, the 41mm version should be 4.66cm (1.83 inch) lug to lug. If you see this comment please like it so itll help more people pick the correct size for their wrist!

  2. Kevin Burrell

    It's been the same old boring bullshit for years now. When are we going to get something more exciting and new? Nubia did come out with smart watches that look extremely genius and fun. Why can't we get more of these? Smh

  3. Alan Backman

    Interested in getting both the Samsung Watch 3 and the Samsung Beans. But now I hear that the Beans will only last 6 hrs (due to ANC) while Buds+ get 11 hrs. I'll take the greater battery life at the expense of ANC. Re the watch, biggest concern is whether Bixby has improved … at least enough to speak to the watch and have it understand you reliably.

  4. Latin Kuro

    I see no reason to upgrade from my current galaxy watch.
    Let's talk when you make one that has at a minimum 30 days worth of battery life.
    until that happens I will keep rocking the original.

  5. Lenn Slim

    It doesn't run android again?? Google should take apples approach, kick out all OEM'S and make their own software and products. It's embarrassing at this point

  6. stalan klocket

    smartwatch failed idea until add 3×3 squared screen with exact maps app and usbc charge 3.5port with 1000mah+ total under 200grams to replace handheld permanent, and same normal ui, flagchip, to sneak in for assasin agent mission

  7. Livius

    I am really looking forward to this. I have the Galaxy Gear 3 and Huawei GT2 but the Samsung is much better in software. The GT2 lags in menus and you can't even reply to a simple message plus it loses the time and date after it's disconnected from the phone, whereas the Gear 3 has even wifi on it and stays always connected and even if you shut it down, it still doesn't lose anything. Besides an excellent batrery and a very good screen, the GT2 is a loser in all aspects.

  8. andrei pop

    Can't say i recommend Samsung products. Had the galaxy watch, but it keept breaking. Took it back 3 times, they gave up and gave me a refund. Same with the s10 and note 9. Both with issues, had to return them. After the galaxy watch realized that a smartwatch is a non necessity, a good smartband is better, that handles basic notifications.

  9. Joshua Babb

    So how does the line up go, quite confused!!! It's galaxy watch, galaxy active 2, s3 frontier, new galaxy then galaxy active 3, and I am sure I'm forgetting one or two

  10. Callsign Chaos

    Fossil definitely makes the best looking watches, but samsung functionality is second to none, in terms of android watches. Apple Watch is still king though. Theyโ€™re just ugly as sin.

  11. Mohamed Abdourahman

    Samsung needs to up the storage of songs they can fit. Garmin watches can fit 1000 songs and their super expensive watch can hold 2000 songs. At the very least 1000 songs, maybe a 32GB option as well.

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