Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 REAL LIFE Battery Drain Test!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 REAL LIFE Battery Drain Test!

In this video I do a full on Battery Drain Test with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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●Filming equipment I use:

● Tall Travel smartphone/Camera tripod I use:

●Music I use from Epidemic Sound:
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21 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 REAL LIFE Battery Drain Test!”

  1. Josh Quinonez

    Whats up everyone! Thanks for watching! What do you think of this test and the results?? Let me know what you think! Don't forget to like and Subscribe 👍👍👍

  2. Graf Aramaic

    Hi, and great video…. Im in the market for a new (probably galaxy) handset, but not being able to get my hands on a note 10 + 5g, I'm good with my old s9 plus for now.
    The only issue is the phone doesn't always reliably wake, so since I was due to check out the Galaxy Watch anyway, I wanted to know to what extent you can wake the phone from the watch (beyond remote camera control m, checking emails, taking calls etc)


  3. Bruce Johnson

    Thank you for showing me this battery test it seems fine for my usage day to day and with the powershare feature on Galaxy S10/20 this should be adequate. Buying 👍

  4. YoloXD69

    I wanted so bad a galaxy watch but decided to get a Huawei gt2, battery life is insane, 12 days of battery, I don't have to remove it at all, even track my sleep, maybe when samsung get an equally good battery I'll switch

  5. Latanya Jones

    I have literally had the watch activated and on since Thursday and have to had to charge everyday. Mine is not lasting a day it is really 😡. I took it off the charger at 10pm last night and looked St it at 6:21pm and it was dead so it had to die while I was 💤 this watch sucks to me right now. I loved my galaxy LTE it lasted so much longer.

  6. Jeremy

    Great review, Josh! If MST for Samsung Pay had returned in this watch, I'd be wearing it right now. I hope Samsung brings it back to a future watch!

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