Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm FULL Review after One Month

I started out with the Samsung Galaxy watch 42mm and then had some issues with the GPS. Having found the watch to be too small, for my preference, I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and have used it every day for a month, and continue to use it. These are my thoughts and review. Hope this helps you make your choice and whether or not this is THE watch for you.

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm FULL Review after One Month”

  1. Sasi Sasi

    Hi all i wanna opinion of people about to buy samsung gear s3 classic cause i love its look so much becoz its all silver its more unique and classic than the samsung galaxy but its old from 2016 or to buy the galaxy watch and make that this boy make wtih this straps silver to make its classic as unique gear s3 classic , but i wanna to know the memory of the basic galaxy not LTE is 768mb RAM or 1.5mb RAM and its network is 2G and 3G only and version LTE is Only 4G or the 2 version of galaxy is 4G its very important to me cause i think the gear s3 is 2G or 3G I don’t know last thing wanna know there is more features between galaxy and s3 make me to make that or no plz wanna help bcoz i will buy 2daY thx 🙏

  2. Hannah Abdullah

    Thank you so much for your review I do have the 46 mm watch and I am loving it I upgraded from the 42 because the screen was just entirely too small but now that I have the bigger one I am totally in love and thank you again for your review

  3. Kevin Connell

    I finally just bought the 46mm black galaxy watch for me and the 42mm rose gold galaxy watch for my wife and I'm super fucking excited. I've been wanting a smart watch for years

  4. scoobs idoo

    Just switched back to Samsung and I’m very happy with the S10 , had Samsung range for years here in the UK but girlfriend showed me HOW NICE her IPHONE was so I went ahead and got my first IPHONE on 24mths contract what a load of crappola should NEVER have gone over to the dark side anyway my contract just came up for renewal and went straight for the S10 and I can get the new 4G watch for just £10 a month more haven’t made up my mind yet but the more I’m looking at these videos I’m just about to pick up my phone and order so thanks for the review SCOOBS UK.

  5. Greg Vassilakos

    Don't buy this watch if you plan to swim with it. Mine went into an infinite reboot loop while I was swimming laps at my local YMCA. It was still in the warranty period, but the warrantey does not cover water damage. Samsung wanted $430 to repair it, which was substantially more than the purchase price. I find it remarkable that Samsung sells a sports watch with a swim mode, but does not cover water damage under the warranty.

  6. naveed aslam

    I want to purchase samsung galaxy watch. But i am confused which one to buy galaxy watch active 2 or samsung galaxy watch? Kindly suggest which is better galaxy watch active 2 or galaxy watch. Waiting dor your suggestion.

  7. Jason Dolan

    Just picked one up yesterday. The supplied Samsung wrist strap always sweats on my wrist, I changed it for a red strap with black holes on it. One of the pins you slide out came off the new strap. Still got it on. Have you any idea how to make phone calls from the watch? I dial in a number and it is sending the call to my phone. I wanted to talk via the watch.

  8. jimws 2

    Great review! I just got my Galaxy Watch and agree that it is a great piece of tech. At 3:24, while scrolling through the widgets you show a "Basic workout" widget for Walking. Do you know if that widget is still available?

  9. True2022

    Got my Galaxy today ,made a call with it and worked great but when I got an incoming call it didnt show up on the watch .Any idea why this is and am I missing something in settings
    Also cant pair watch to M r Time and saysI Ihave to make MrTime the home screen how do I do that pl?

  10. True2022

    Dont think I'll use Samsung pay if need to enter a PIN ,Sort of defeats the object
    p,s Saw a girl post that batt on her 42 only lasted 5 hrs .When I asked her how long she talked on it for she said "5 hrs of course dunbass " LMFAO

  11. True2022

    Excellent review and covers everything important.I think most reviewers of this watch have tiny wrists because when I went to try the 46 mm on [before buying online for $230] I was surprised it's not really that big on me at all and the screen size looks about the same as all of my dive watches so wouldn't want it any smaller . Just a pity plain steel isn't an option for both sizes as always looks better and more versatile.

  12. O K

    It is a fucking watch. 8-10hrs runs out of battery a day. 3 times repaired since march 2019…., samsung just committed to repair till the end of guarantee period and charge customer afterwards. Not willing to change a new one to you… is really a fucking company.

  13. Paul A

    Thanks for the review. Is it possible to turn off all vibration on the watch so that not a single alert or action will cause vibration?

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