Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm) – In Depth Review – The Best Smartwatch in the World?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – In Depth Review
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introducing the New Galaxy Watch Active 2
00:37 What in the box?
00:55 Detailed Specifications
02:13 Battery life
04:07 Power Saving Mode
04:59 Dimensions + Weight
05:10 Touch Sensitive Bezel
05:41 Comparing to Samsung Galaxy Watch
07:16 Closer look at watch ports and buttons
07:56 Default Watch Face Customisation
09:34 View All the Watch Faces
10:33 Smartphone App
13.33 Water Lock Mode
15.07 Battery: Watch Only Mode
16:35 Notifications
16:59 Music Playback/Control
17:51 Looking at all the Installed apps
20:35 Testing the “New & Improved” Bixby
22:57 Screen on Hand-Raise Test (Comparison)
23:46 Heart Rate Test (Comparison)
24:17 Bluetooth Phone Call via Bixby
25:42 Conclusion with Pros and Cons
27.05 Top Smartwatch Chart 2019 Ranking?
27:28 Bottom Line
28:07 Have a Brilliant Day 🙂

1.4″ sAMOLED Display
360 x 360 / Always-On
Gorilla Glass protection
CPU: Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15Ghz
4GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 5.0
GPS / WiFi / NFC
Tizen OS 4.0
Heart Rate/Pedometer
Supports BT Calls
340mAh Battery / 247mah
WPC Wireless Charging
Removal Straps (20mm)
5ATM+IP68 / MIL-STD-810G
44mm / 10.9mm / 30g

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm) – In Depth Review – The Best Smartwatch in the World?”

  1. RayJ-HT

    I loved my S2 and some other Samsung watch I had. Why, because I could leave my phone and play music from the watch. My S2 did have a number so I would forward calls to it but I am not paying for extra access anymore. I just ordered this watch after reviewing many other watches all day. Samsung has been solid for me when it comes to watches so I agree with your comments.

  2. Roy Moses

    Beautiful detailed review 😊…Samsung pls just give us Google assistant on the watch …that's all we need …bixby is just 🗑️…still an awesome ..finally I can buy this without hesitation ..the review I needed

  3. owen blair

    thanks for review, better info than on Samsung official site, will now buy this watch, can you advise quality of fitness tracker – does it give a pace timer for your run ?

  4. Michaelle Cruz

    The best review ive watched! ive been searching and searching for a video that would help me find a smartwatch compatible on my samsung s9+, that can make and answer calls by just using the smartwatch, and ive found your video for 2 weeks that ive been searching. Most videos ive watched are just reviews of the specs but no demos on what the watch can do on calls. I almost decided to switch into iphone once the contract plan is done just to be able to get an apple watch, but personally, i prefer samsung. Thank you! Keep it up and congrats! Very informative video!

  5. Jenny Andersson

    I have been wanting this watch for a long time, but not been sure if this is the one for me, cuz there is so many to choose from lately. But after watching your video, I was sure this was a perfect fit for me! So I've just made my order, and I am so exited for it to come! Thank you so much for making my decision so much easier!

  6. Mae Ulrich

    I purchased the Active 2 on May 9th, and I went "swimming" with it for the first time on July 1st. It has a swim mode feature and is advertised as a device you can swim with – up to 50 feet for 30 minutes; I did neither of those things. I was wading in the pool, and after about 10 minutes, I noticed my watch was not working anymore. I went into the house, dried it off, and the back cover of the watch came loose and came off (it looked like it was glued on and the glue wasn't strong enough to hold it anymore). I took a picture of it, and I contacted Samsung. Right away the rep started saying that it's water resistant and not waterproof. I had a sinking feeling I was going to be in for a fight. And sure enough, I received a bill on July 7th for $219.79 – THAT IS ALMOST WHAT I PAID FOR THE WATCH! They said there was water damage to the motherboard, so my year warranty on the device is null and void. I've spoken to three different customer service reps, and Samsung is refusing to budge on this. One supervisor informed me I would be better off buying a new watch. She also said to file a complaint online, but there is nowhere to do that. The agent could not find the link for me. The agent then gave me a number to call, but it is no longer in service. I cannot believe this is happening. If anyone has any advice about how I can get a resolution to this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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