Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (2019) | Full Tour

Hands-on review with Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch, 2019 edition. Here we run through the specs and Tizen OS 4.0, showing off the sleek UI, best features and fitness tracking aspects. So is this a true rival to the Fitbit Versa and our other best smartwatches?

The new Galaxy Watch Active 2019 boasts a slim and light design, complete with waterproof finish and soft-touch strap. Samsung’s own OS may not be as heavily supported as Android Wear, but you still get plenty of apps and watch faces to choose from – while the smartwatch comes stacked with great functionality.

For fitness, you have built-in GPS and a heart rate sensor, which can monitor your stress levels 24 hours a day. The exercise tracking is one of our favourites, offering impressive stats feedback and usability.

The Galaxy Watch Active is released in the UK on March 2019, for a price just under £230. So is it one of the best fitness smartwatches right now? We think Samsung’s wearable stands a strong chance against rivals.

33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (2019) | Full Tour”

  1. Zdeněk Jantač

    Samsung pay is only for better people, so most of the word can not pay with any Samsung watch. I won´t be the one paying for NFC chip what I´m not allowed to use.

  2. Leonardo Pineda

    Warning: Samsung Watches are only 100% compatible with Samsung phones. App as basic as Text Messenging is missing from my Pixel 2 with Samsung Watch Active paired with it. This is according to Samsung when I chatted with their technical support today. Had to return to Bestbuy the watch I just bought yesterday:-(

  3. Arianna w

    Can anyone tell me if you can get amazon music as an app on the watch? I dont use spotify because amazon is better and cheaper and since we are stationed overseas i cant use Pandora. I figure you can get amazon but i wondering amazon music specifically

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