Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Hands On

Here’s a hands on look at the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This is the silver version and I show what’s in the box and initial impressions. Hope you like the video.

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Hands On”

  1. INDIAN Gaming


  2. Perly Toomey

    I got the galaxy watch active aswell but when i first bought it wouldnt turn on so i had to charge it to get it working and i cant di the volume for my watch at all

  3. rlg

    great review! i like the silver active. i have a gear s2 classic and unaware that the rotating bezel black cover came off and got lost. I am NOT considering the rotating bezel no more.

  4. Leonardo Pineda

    Warning: Samsung Watches are only 100% compatible with Samsung phones. App as basic as Text Messenging is missing from my Pixel 2 with Samsung Watch Active paired with it. This is according to Samsung when I chatted with their technical support today. Had to return to Bestbuy the watch I just bought yesterday:-(

  5. loboh0209

    Hey man! You just gain a fan and a follower from Barcelona;) congrats for this good review, best in the last month about smartwatches, easy language, enought technical, and funny hehe pretty damm good hahaha you help me in my decision ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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