Samsung Galaxy Watch Active hands-on: bye rotating bezels

The Galaxy Watch Active is the latest watch running Samsung’s proprietary Tizen software, and it will be available for $199.99 when it hits shelves on March 8th. Samsung’s latest smartwatch has dropped the most interesting thing about Samsung smartwatches: the rotating bezels. We just spent some time with the Watch Active, and here’s what you need to know.

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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active hands-on: bye rotating bezels”

  1. Jeff Gomske

    The ONE thing that even iPhone fans envied most, the rotating bezel, they get RID OF?? I'm sorry Samsung, but that was a powerful and ignorant mistake.

  2. Alex Altamirano

    If this actually does monitor blood pressure is a buy for me, I've been struggling with my blood pressure and if this is accurate, it will be the first time I'll consider buy a smartwatch, because not other smartwatch has a function that my S7 already has, like a podometer and calorie count

  3. Armia Khairy

    all the bad reviews about that ring is because the naming of this watch, everyone thinks it's the succesor of the galaxy watch and S series but it's not.

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