Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Premium qualities, thin and light body

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Smartwatches are finally starting to become more affordable without sacrificing important features. Case in point: the Galaxy Watch Active. Pitched as a lower cost version of last year’s Galaxy Watch, Samsung has boiled that flagship smartwatch down to its essentials. It ditched the rotating bezel, pared down the design and slapped on the word “Active” to appeal to sportier users.

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22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Premium qualities, thin and light body”

  1. Saitama

    Next time use a dummy account to show notifications and other shit that presents some personal information; So that you guys don't blur the shit out of the watch or even on smartphones while presenting its features.

  2. Danilo Sagarang

    My goodness, I hate this woman. You have so much to complain about this watch when it is very affordable. You can never expect that all the mechanical features of the more expensive galaxy watch to be in this one. Geez. What a bad review. At least do your job correctly, COMPARE REASONABLY.

  3. nejitenfan

    How does this work with music? I got the itouch air 2 or something like that and I couldn't get it to sync properly with my phone kept having issues so I'm wondering how well this works

  4. Noah_Fence

    everyone complains about battery life on these smart watches, my Garmin lasts me typically about a week without needing to be charged and I run everyday. And before anyone asks it is one of there smart watches, not just a GPS watch.

  5. OneBrokeBloke

    Didn't mention anything about the hr sensor, which many reviewers have said is unreliable.
    Also, versa doesn't even have inbuilt GPS. Wouldn't really compare them much for that reason alone

  6. M0rdresh

    The silver edition looks so much better, definitely more premium. As a former Galaxy Watch 46mm user, I'm quite satisfied with the minimalistic design.

  7. Leela Welch

    I prefer my Galaxy Watch Active to the Fitbit Versa. The Versa's HR monitoring was very inaccurate. The Active is spot on and even though the battery does last for fewer days I think it's worth it for the more accurate health information.

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