Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, a 40mm smartwatch and fitness tracker with a round face and $199 price tag. This is a smaller, lighter, more small-wrist friendly and more affordable alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It runs Tizen OS 4.0 on the Exynos 9110 processor with 4GB storage. It’s available in 4 colors, and uses the same interchangeable 20mm bands as the 42mm Galaxy Watch. It tracks 39 exercise types including swimming and is water resistant to 5 ATM. The watch has a heart rate sensor and a (beta level) blood pressure monitor. It supports Samsung Pay (NFC only), and is compatible with Android and iOS. Samsung claims almost 2 day battery life, which is fairly accurate. For those switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy S10 family phone and are looking for an Apple Watch replacement, it’s worth a look.
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37 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review”

  1. TrbTargetMara

    Ive been following you since I bought my galaxy note 10.1 2014. You are my fave reviewer by far.

    Do you think its an improvement on the fitbit versa? The versa is not great at notifications, integration or anything other than fitness..
    Samsung woukd be better overall (even if the app is horrid for fitness)
    I dont know if its worth the upgrade

  2. Alex Beyer

    Yeah that annoys me too. Along with Samsung's consistently terrible wifi on their watches making "find my phone" useless. I don't get why they refuse to implement the 180 degree rotation feature.

  3. nicholas collins

    I'm left handed also so I wear my watch on my right hand to. It's funny, because last week was saying I wish they had a feature that flips the display to make it more convenient for left handers. With that being said it's not that big of an issue since you navigate with the touch screen and using the buttons on the side isn't that annoying. However if there was a rotating crown piece like on the apple watch without a flipping display that would be a big issue for left handers imo.

  4. Kasia xxx

    I have this watch. Sometimes it vibrates and the icon appeared on display. It looks like small galaxy watch. Any of you know what that could mean?

  5. Christian Nícolas Pascua

    Already watched a lot of other reviews and only you gave almost 70% of the information I need. You dont review like you read up the whole Samsung website and call it a day — you really review like you ARE the customer and you really have the expertise on all of the stuff that you talk about and you are definitely awesome for that! Thank you so much you are my favourite reviewer of all time ??????

  6. Dinah Khollman

    Hi Lisa,bought the Rose Gold and love it???? it’s real functional,easy to operate,looks awesome,love the voice to text, great Active watch and great price also,it looks more expensive!!??♥️

  7. hederamom

    Surprised that you didn't address the blood pressure monitor, which became effective March 15. Have seen several complaints about it and was hoping to see your comments.

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