Samsung Galaxy Watch Active // The Fitness Review

Comprehensive Fitness Review of the Galaxy Watch Active from Samsung. Get it here:

In this review, I go over the fitness functionality including how it performs for running, cycling, weight training, pool swimming, and other gym-based activities. Also covered are GPS and heart rate performance compared to an external chest and arm heart rate strap. Finally, I also go over the differences when paired to an iPhone vs an Android phone.

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22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active // The Fitness Review”

  1. Jason Foss

    Coming from the military I would wear my watch on the flip side of my wrist (facing in, not away from me while wearing) and it hasnt skipped a beat since, maybe trying spinning that watch onto the inside of your wrist and there alot more veins which would essentially give you a better reading! Try it!

    Thanks for the video it was solid!

  2. Cornelius Jermaine Hightower

    From your perspective what would be the best smart tracker for running and heart rate. I want to come as close to accurate as possible even if it means going over to Apple. Great video stopped me from wasting money especially when the heart rate sensor doesn't work.

  3. Leonardo Pineda

    Warning: Samsung Watches are only 100% compatible with Samsung phones. App as basic as Text Messenging is missing from my Pixel 2 with Samsung Watch Active paired with it. This is according to Samsung when I chatted with their technical support today. Had to return to Bestbuy the watch I just bought yesterday:-(

  4. Jake77

    its actually not that big of a deal to not have access to the galaxy store for watchfaces on ios. you can find the most watchfaces on websites anyways. galaxy store is mostly ugly ones + casio and rolex fakes.

  5. Walter Ritchey

    I pre ordered this as an upgrade from a Sony SWR30 which was the equivalent really to a fit bit w/o heart rate tracking. There was a significant learning curve getting it set up, but I really love this device. I was surprised at how bad the battery life is, but it's so easy to charge wirelessly. I'll go from 100% to 60% at the end of the day and set it on my wireless dock while I shower an it's good to go. So many little features on this watch and I'm using a small fragment of what's available. The Spotify app is super cool in addition to the ones you went over. It's not perfect, but for $200 I can't complain. I'm very happy with it.

  6. upirons

    I'm not surprised you did not get any altimeter readings from this watch. I had one and it never once showed any floors climbed. Also I found that it does NOT support NFC payment via iOS so I returned mine. Would have used my android phone instead but they also do not support NFC payment w android unless it is a samsung phone. So please keep that in mind if you go to buy this watch. Otherwise it is actually a great little watch, but they need to open it up to more platforms.

  7. Magnus Hesselroth

    I have problems with count steps paired it with Iphone X. When I open the app Samsung Health the watch adds steps that the phone has counted. Someone who's been through the same thing?

  8. Gustavo Saidler

    Great video! I highly appreciate someone focusing on the fitness side of these devices.
    I was about to buy a Garmin VivoActive 3 and just discovered the Galaxy Watch Active… now it seems impossible to make up my mind. Any thoughts?

    ( subscribed btw 🙂 )

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