Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review”

  1. Duncan Firth

    I heard there is a third party navigation app which gives directions on the face. But you cannot initiate Facebook messages only receive them and reply that is disappointing

  2. Andrew S

    Don't buy this shit. I did and my watch lasted 2 months before many of the features (wake-up gesture, HRM, pedometer) stopped working. Now I am fighting with Samsung to get my watch replaced.

  3. Darth Plagueis

    Does anybody know if I can use this with a oneplus device the same as if it were paired with a Samsung phone. I know that Samsung pay doesn't work but does everything else work with a different android

  4. xguy9

    No one have caught up to the Apple Watch yet, and with their Series 4 they are several steps ahead of any other smartwatch out there

  5. Liran Almog

    I just bought the galaxy watch its really amazing watch.
    But how I can hear WhatsApp voice massage in the watch??
    And also how to recieve WhatsApp images??

  6. BuTcHeR X

    The only downside of this one is MST is gone. But NFC is expanding alot more than before, running into a swipe only machine here in LA for example is pretty much everywhere, thanks to Square and all other compact POS'

  7. Vapey McVape Face

    If you are buying this for its Health Tracking abilities don't. The HR sensor barely takes any readings even when set to continuous, when it does they're wildly inaccurate. I have a RHR of 54bpm, earlier whilst stood still, I had actually got a reading, but of 171bpm! Samsung say they're aware of problem and working on a fix. Will not give timeframes, size of team etc.. After experiencing the problems you don't have to look far on the internet to see that this problem effects all of their wearable and stretches back years.

  8. Ionut M.

    Yah. Where's the ability to track sleep apnea and call emergency contacts if your heart stops in your sleep or fall down. I'm a Samsung fan but have yet to find a better smart watch than apple. You remember all those articles about people saying their watch saved their life. Not so many of those about android

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