Samsung Galaxy Watch Review 2019

This is my Samsung Galaxy Watch Review, I finally feel comfortable doing it!

The Galaxy watch is not perfect, but it’s pretty dang good!

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review 2019”

  1. msoltysiak

    I have the 4.6 mm unit, and it works just as expected. I don't use in the lab, but I love using it!! It's a great phone -oops – watch! Anyone who loves trying new levels of technology, I highly recommend it.

  2. Chris Singer

    Well everyone is raving about this watch. Well I've just sent mine back' shock horror. One cannot deny it is a beautifully made gadget, but it's not all its hyped up to be. It boasts a memory of 4GB however in actual fact it is 1.4 GB of usable memory when the operating system is loaded, not a lot when you add photos, music apps etc. Youd think being a watch it would have a stop watch / timer but instead you have to download another app really for £300 that should be standard. I had a £2.00 watch in the 80's that had these features. I found the battery life to be poor and not the 4 to 5 days promised, unless you turned off most of the features. The watch has these you should be able to use them all. Some of the notifications direct you to you consult your phone not truly independent and that's the LTE model not the bluetooth. Perhaps I'm expecting too much from this type of device, but this is nothing more than an expensive gimmick. Whilst I do applaud Samsung for their design, for me its early days and more work needs to be done. Also on a down side always being connected never really let's you get downtime you do tend to look for things, but that's a choice. For me I would prefer the fitness app to actually warn you of potential health risks as the apple watch does. The galaxy app store needs more useable quality apps. So to recap it is a lovely well constructed time piece that needs more usable memory, features you can use fully without killing the battery dead. To be able to use it as a watch with the functions of a watch as standard and to be independent of it's big brother phone. I'm sorry but I say it as it is there is a lot that could be improved and I cant really agree that this is as fabulous as everyone else seems to think. I'm not a technician and don't understand all that needs to be done in this area or what it takes to cram everything in to a small space. So again perhaps I'm expecting too much. This device needs to get the basics right and more accurate before adding advanced features. The memory needs to a useable size for other things other than the operating system and the battery needs to be as stated without shutting everything down.

  3. JDuBB Grace

    Y didn’t you show some of the watch faces. My wife switched over to the iPhone world I’m boarder line but thanks for the vid what kind of galaxy phone you use with the watch

  4. corujariousa

    How did people live and kept in shape before a "smart" watch was invented? So many "must have or die" features, just pay for another gadget that you'll barely use after a few months, then buy the next one that comes out with one extra "must have or die" feature. Keep buying and contributing to the CEOs and Shareholders. Who cares about retirement?!

  5. Rogue Cheddar

    I got the buy one get one LTE versions through T-mobile, I have the 46mm the wife the 42mm rose gold. Very nice piece of kit. The sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring have been working very well for me. The step counting seems to be better since the last update as well. The number of watch faces available is incredible, you will never be bored. Can't wait to try out the GPS capability when riding my bike, if the snow ever disappears. Samsung has really set the bar on this watch, it can do so much, that I'm still exploring. The fact that I can use it for golf yardage with the Golfpad app without having to pull my phone out constantly will be a major bonus when the warm weather comes.

  6. Ryan Holmes

    I returned the watch in a week. The Android OS is solid but then Samsung butchers it with their own interface on top of it, just like they do with their phones (Bixby anyone?). It would be a good device if Samsung would leave well enough alone.

  7. Walter Petersen

    Well made review, i like it and i just ordered my new watch 😀 so thanks for making me spend my money LOL!!! great work forsure not the last time watching your channel 🙂

  8. steve chiu

    I bought the Galaxy watch 42mm. One week. But one problem is I can’t download watch faces from Galaxy store. I don’t like this watch. The Huawei is better.

  9. Krzysztof Skowronek

    In that case I really envy you that your native language is english. I would get this watch in no time, but I cannot use it to respond to texts from my friends, because why would we use foreign language… Unfortunatelly, WearOS watches suck with battery life. This needs Google assistant, even as an option, and than it's instant buy.

    I could easily respond on a ski lift, leave my phone in the cabin while sailing… But until I can dictate text in polish, it's just a toy not worth the money 🙁

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