Samsung Galaxy Watch Review After 3 Months – The Best Smartwatch 2018?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Review After 3 Months – The Best Smartwatch 2018?
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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review After 3 Months – The Best Smartwatch 2018?”

  1. Jonas Roth

    Should I sell my gear fit 2 pro to buy the samsung watch and how works the connection between the watch and the galaxy buds which I use all day long

  2. Infidel Gastro

    You forgot to mention that the HRM won't stay locked onto the heart rate while working out, and that there is no option to pair it to external sensors. I should know, I had two of them. The original one was replaced by Samsung because of the HRM problems but it was the same thing on the replacement. Sadly, I had to return and happily, was refunded my money. As far as smartwatches go, it's great, but as an activity and fitness tracker, it's a dismal failure. So if fitness and sports is your priority, steer clear, but if bling, bragging rights and smartwatch features are your thing, then look no further.

  3. Another Skywalker

    Had this watch for 6wks now and generally pretty happy with it. The battery life is very impressive, getting about 4 days use until it's down to 10%. There are some cons, the step counter is severely inaccurate as is the cycling mode. I've counted 100 steps and the watch increases by around 230! Cycling 1km watch shows almost 1.4km….

  4. RINGNECK 101

    Expensive at $400 US dollars for LTE no cause its cheap for an aluminum watch compared to the apple watch this one looks good i love mines and the size is great at 46mm i love it and mines is covered with a silicone space gray looking case to keep it cool i can say i love it love it love it this watch is so dam awsome

  5. Mircea Rosculet

    Im sick and tired of these fucking youtubers that bomb you with publicity to their sponsors in the middle of the video… Do it at the end… Not in the beginning or middle…. Fuck your money

  6. Vincé YT

    Can you lock the scroll thing on the side of the background on the watch? what if you accidentally hit the scrolling thing around the watch when you are sleeping or something?

  7. Psyke

    I got my Galaxy Watch 46 mm and it is great! Just one thing I don't understand. Why the hell there isn't the option to use send voice messages on reply thru messenger?

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