Samsung Galaxy Watch – Review | Everything You Need To Know!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Silver 46mm

Rose Gold 42mm

Midnight Black 42mm

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It’s been 2 years since Samsung released a #Smartwatch. And in this video we take a close look at their latest and greatest, the #Samsung #GalaxyWatch. Instead of the Gear S4, The Galaxy Watch is the successor to the Gear S3 and Gear S3 Sport edition. With the biggest additions being superior battery life, Greater waterproof capabilities up to 50m, and improved Gorilla Glass DX+ with it’s Super AMOLED display. We go over the differences between the 42mm/46mm Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch LTE, and also draw comparisons to the Gear S3 Frontier. Do you think  Samsung’s Galaxy Watch can compete with the likes of the Apple Watch Series 4?

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch – Review | Everything You Need To Know!”


    How do I increase my watch face time like around 30 more secs….. it's either always on, OR less than 3 secs …. ??? I want it on for like 15 secs each time I turn it on…. Cam that be done ???

  2. JM

    Hey buddy, what's the make/model of ur glasses? I've been looking for something like that. Solid vid btw cheers

  3. henryjr27

    You have the best watch faces you have to hook me up. I have the Galaxy watch not those faces help me out. I have a iPhone XS and it works great the music controls are cool I can’t complain.

  4. SupaLyft Gaming

    i'm new to samsung and just bought my first one… the galaxy s10… while i was at the store, i saw this watch and fell in love with it… would you recommend someone to buy it who's new to samsung products?? i'm really in love with just the aesthetics of this watch and that silver wrist band, (which i would love for you to tell me where i can pick one of those up if i do end up getting this watch)

  5. Brendan Wang

    the reason why i don't install Spotify watch app is because of poor rating on the app, playing Spotify song from my phone can display on watch via built in music app.

  6. Jackson S

    I appreciate the feedback on this, I have never really thought about buying a smartwatch but I am wanting to get one and have been trying to do research on this device, some of the topics you covered I haven't heard yet so thank you!

  7. RINGNECK 101

    I got the 46mm and the two tone color is awsome i love my watch and actually find it better than Google wear OS all i can say is that the galaxy watch may be open to all kinds of people even apple users but keep in mind if you want to get all the good stuff out of it right well using a samsung phonr is the way to go mines paired to my note 9 and works perfectly fine no issues

  8. Ajay Belgrave

    : great review. Just bought the Galaxy watch. However, I bought it on the 4G LTE. If I didn't and bought it without, 'Can I still receive my Emails, Text, and WhatsApps via the Bluetooth?!'

  9. K Nexus

    Got the galaxy watch a few days ago and have not experience lag at all, guess they have updated the software through the time it has been out, It is pretty responsive so far!

  10. Mark Jones

    I have had my watch for three days and so far it functions fine. It is a watch so there are some functions that will not function like the Galaxy phones. It is still an excellent watch despite the glitches.

  11. javi navas

    i had the s3 frontier before for a couple of months with my galaxy s7 and the voice messaging reply not catching everything i said was very frustrating. I sold it quick and got my self a fossil q explorist 3. android wear is the way to go until samsung fixes all the software issues.

    watch is great physically.
    software's is shit in some areas.

  12. Geoffrey Stephens

    I'm really not too impressed with this watch. It has a lot of software issues and the lag when replying to messages is annoying. The software is slow and feels outdated.
    (I have it paired with my S9)

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