Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Necessity or a luxury?

Find about the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE & Bluetooth, 42mm or 46mm display, battery, fitness tracking, heart rate monitor, watch faces and more features & specs in this Samsung Galaxy Watch review.

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Running with Samsung Galaxy Watch looks really fancy and fascinating at the same time. Many people use these types of smartwatches for fitness tracking. And they even brag about it in the public. But how do such smartwatches fare when it comes to real-life usage. We tried to answer that in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 2018 review.

Many people are familiar with the Samsung Gear S frontier smartwatches. But in 2018, Samsung ditched the Gear Frontier moniker from its smartwatch series and started naming the smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch. And in 2018, Samsung launched two variants of the device: Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE which supports LTE connectivity and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth with Bluetooth connectivity. Even in terms of dimensions, there are two variants: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm and Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm. With this quick info, now let’s get started with the Samsung Galaxy Watch specs.

The review unit we received was a Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm one with Bluetooth connectivity. The 42mm variant of the watch has a 1.2-inch display, which is just a slight decrease than the 46mm variant with a 1.3-inch display. Both the variants flaunt a Super AMOLED panel with 360 x 360 pixels resolution. The contents look really sharp and vivid even at this miniature size. Also, the Super AMOLED panel display offers deeper blacks. Furthermore, the smartwatch comes with so many watch faces having a dark interface, which is somewhat of a big deal in this one. And with the dark Samsung Galaxy watch faces, you can extend the battery life as well. But if you don’t want dark watch faces, you can find the best Samsung Galaxy watch faces for yourself from the store.

The brightness of the watch is commendable as well. It is legible at all types of scenarios – be it in the sunlight, indoors, or wherever. All thanks to its Adaptive Brightness feature. Moreover, the Galaxy watch comes with IP68 certification. So even while swimming with Samsung Galaxy Watch, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged, which is a great thing.

Talking about the battery, the 46mm variant comes with a 472mAh battery while the 42mm variant lags behind its bigger sibling with merely 270mAh battery. Samsung had promised Samsung Galaxy Watch battery life to be three days on the 42mm variant. However, the unit I used provided me only two days of backup. When some people were complaining about the Samsung Galaxy Watch not charging, I did not have such issues on my use. I did not face the Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting with Wi-Fi or with a smartphone via Bluetooth as well. Samsung Galaxy Watch on iPhone also works perfectly.

Talking about the Galaxy Watch, the smartwatch is also a great fitness tracker. It tracks the steps while walking and running. It also records the exercises as well. If you do push-ups, the device tracks it too intelligently. But the best part here is the presence of the heart rate monitor. The Samsung Galaxy Watch heart rate monitor is accurate and you can check your heart rate and blood pressure without visiting a doctor.

On the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Fitbit comparison, we found that the Galaxy Watch to be better than the Fitbit in terms of features and versatility. But on the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch comparison, the Galaxy Watch trails way behind the Apple’s device. The Apple Watch is capable of tracking ECG (Electro Cardio Graph), which is missing in the Samsung’s smartwatch.

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  1. Sri Raghava M

    With always on display how many hrs the battery lasts for 42 & 46mm and without Always On display how many days it lasts for 42 & 46mm. Tell me separately for 42 & 46mm? U mentioned without always on display its slightly more than 2 days but u didn't mention for which model?

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