Samsung Galaxy Watch review: The do-everything smartwatch

Meet Samsung’s new smartwatch that does everything you could possibly imagine: The Galaxy Watch!

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch review: The do-everything smartwatch”

  1. 408fu

    i had the samsung galaxy watch it sucks with notifications. less than half the time it would let you know you have a text coming in. i always had to use my phone.

  2. Alex Hristova

    i also thought that i would want the always on display, but i realized that i don't actually need it. whenever i want to know what time it is, when i turn my wrist, with minimal movement, the display lights up and i can see what time it is. why would i want that to be on when i'm not using it, just to waste my battery? with moderate use and constant heart rate, i can easily get 48h out of it BEFORE power saving mode that turns on at 15%. also, i do see your point that it's a bit long at almost 3 hours, but it's not "excruciatingly" long: a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think? =_=

  3. Junaid Egale

    Recieved Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm yesterday and I'm not satisfied the fact that the watch does NOT work with my current apps, gmail, google keep notes, facebook messenger etc…

    It's not what I expected…

  4. TheMightyMooseShow

    The battery life on the Galaxy watch is terrible. I get 7-8 hours on a full charge with all settings on low and always on turned off. I hate that I paid $300 for a paper weight, it's most useful function.

  5. angie go

    I currently have the rose gold 42mm galaxy watch. The company claims that the battery life for this item is 4 days and i tried observing it in both ways( power saving mode and normal mode). i tried the power saving thing and still it did not last up -to the stated battery life of the company,.
    all in all the battery life for my watch only lasted a day or 2.

  6. Ben

    Why all of these channels love to stick with the big brands only ? Review something new! These Samsung/Apple reviews are getting boring! Review other brands ! For example the fossil smart watch is pretty good!

  7. Darth Plagueis

    Very detailed review although you couldve explained more on how you call people or receive calls and etc just to show what the differences are between the lte and Bluetooth version

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