Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything

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In a sea of Gear Fit 2s and Apple Watch Series 4s and … whatever Casio is calling its latest, the name “Samsung Galaxy Watch” has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of the Galaxy brand, which we haven’t seen on a smartwatch since 2013. But such a dramatic re-naming usually signals a very different product – and different this is not. I’m MrMobile and this is the Samsung Galaxy Watch review.



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Watch Review video was produced following several weeks with a 46mm Bluetooth-edition Galaxy Watch review device provided by Samsung. The device was used with a BlackBerry KEY2 on T-Mobile US. This video was sponsored by LastPass.


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  1. RINGNECK 101

    Everybody sucks in my honest opinion the only reviewer that touches my heart and i love to see the reviews is MrMobile just want you to know that i love your channel your like family and cant get enough of your channel your like master yoda so wise and ur reviews are on point stay blessed

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