Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch tracks your activity, monitors your sleep, plays music and handles mobile payments, all while looking sleek and stylish. Here is our full review after over a month of use.

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review”

  1. Vix

    Why the hell two tone color for the bigger model seriously hate it. That's the only reason keeping me from buying this. Sticking to my gear s3 for now as still it looks more badass than the galaxy watch.

  2. Roma.N

    in my opinion don't buy it it's useless because
    1. it doesn't open a message contain a photo ( like in whatsapp)
    2. doesn't have Google search
    3. doesn't have Google maps
    4. can't send a voice message
    5. limited voice text languages
    these i just noticed in the first day i don't know what else

  3. L Mendoza

    Is it just my watch or what's going? What am I going wrong. For One , my Bixy doesn't on it's own, 2. . after just one month of owning this watch the batteries is start to dye faster and faster. The 1st three, the batterie life was fantastic it lasted 3 days. After a week later it was only lasted days and then a week later 1 1/2 day after a month of wearing . it seem like every day , I notice the battery is lasting less and less. Today for example it only lasted 23 hours not even 24 hours and had to put it to charge.

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