Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch – REVIEW


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Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch – REVIEW”

  1. A Mc

    It’s shit, pure shit! No google pay, no google voice assistant , NO APPS other than calculators ! And a ridiculously inaccurate heart monitor it was in a drawer within 2 months. AVOID.

  2. NissanDream

    Your presentations or videos look so good man so appealing. Do you recommend me waiting for the next Samsung Galaxy Watch or buy this one ? I feel like Samsung might launch one sooner or later and I don't wanna spend 300 bucks on something that will be outdated in a short time. What do you think ?

  3. Cash Cunningham

    I'm a little late to the party but I finally purchased my first smartwatch this week at Bestbuy, bluetooth only 46mm Galaxy Watch and it's very impressive…and yes Bixby was and is annoyingly sporadic…overall great watch and it was only $299

  4. blueman4444444

    Just bought one the only change is the band as for me it feels sticky when there is sweat, So bought a metal mesh band with magnetic clasp on ebay the only thing is as it does not fully unclasp the band and have to past area of the widest past of your hand which could be a problem for some people.
    For gym workout it automatic picked some of the exercises like on the cross trainer without needing to pick it out of the menu.
    And another tip pick a very basic like the ruthless watch face for long battery life as the more fancy and features on the watch face the less battery life.

  5. Blue Dwarf

    I've seen this watch and was impressed with it, but yeah I agree that it needs to improve on its third party apps, you can't get WhatsApp on it. I always said that I would never wear wearable technology but I am tempted by this.

  6. Little Steve

    Great review as always, I am registered blind and living in the United Kingdom. I purchased the 42mm because having small wrists. I loved the watch but I had to return it, due to the terrible TTS voice and the unfortunate TTS software that cannot be enhanced. It sounded like the speaker was muffled, but calls and notifications were perfect also Bixbee was tinny and useless. Tweeted Samsung but got no reply, shame. Couldn’t see how blind people could put up with that TTS voice. Keep up the good work hope you’re all keeping well.

  7. Gee Love

    I have both. The Frontier’s battery was a problem. The new Samsung Watch last for two days. I don’t know if Samsung issued some kind software update to the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier but now I can get two days on one charge.

  8. Sir Patrick Reynolds

    Thank you for such a thorough and detailed review and bringing up points that many companies do not address, I really enjoy this watch and it works great for my needs and wants, I am very interested in what you tinkling of the new Galaxy Watch

  9. Vinicius Villas

    Good morning, I'm a triathlete and I currently use a Garmin watch to monitor my activities, but I bought a samsung galaxy s9 + phone and I would like to know if this watch has the integrated racing, biking and swimming functions. If not, do you know which model would be a good option? thanks

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