Samsung Galaxy Watch Unboxing (42mm & 46mm)

The Galaxy Watch is the latest wearable from Samsung. Come share my excitement as I unbox both the rose gold 42mm and silver 46mm bluetooth models!

Products in video:
Galaxy Watch 42mm
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Galaxy Watch 46mm
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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Unboxing (42mm & 46mm)”

  1. Thao Huynh

    If you own a Galaxy watch, what are your favorite features?
    What are some things you don’t like?
    If there is something specific you want me to test out, LMK!

  2. Bianca Brits

    What's with all the packaging Samsung? Seriously, do you really need to put something into a little plastic packet when it is already held together with plastic, placed in a foam encasing all inside a cardboard box? Beautiful watch face but the straps make it look cheap and tacky. I'm a long time Samsung user but some products are just ridiculous

  3. ThunderCat

    I loved that watch but for some reason I kept having issues with it and even after returning it 3x. I just went for the Gear3 same features as the new one just doesnt have the stress monitoring. As tiny as my wrist are I prefer the new Version. So once they fix the bugs I'll try again lol

  4. Washington Redskins Fan

    I currently own the Red Limited Edition iPhone 7 Plus. I plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone and the Samsung Gear S3 Watch sometime next year after I have my current phone paid off to own and after I switch cellphone carriers too.Those Samsung Gear S3 Watches looks so pretty and really good too!!!! Would either one of those Samsung Gear S3 Watches fit my 9 inch wrist?

  5. ꧁Josey꧂

    Getting mine during black Friday, or cyber Monday. I don't need things right when they come out, because I love a good deal. I get it from my grandmother. lol Will pair well with my Note.

  6. Simon Hobden

    2 things,
    1. I wish my 46mm was in all black too so your husband has good taste.
    2. How could you deprive him the satisfaction of peeling off that screen sticker?!!

  7. Abi

    Do not you feel that you are disconnecting from Bluetooth at close range? I go to another room and it is already disconnected. thing that with the gear s3 did not happen …

  8. monkeypolicd

    idk its just hideous, its like the engineers had no sense of any design when it came to it. I like the new falster 2 by skagen but i have heard that watch is slow as shit dropping from your ass. i feel like its to early for us to have a perfect smartwatch, may be couple more years in we will have it better. This smart watch technology rn is comparable to time when the first touchscreen phones came, hideous and bulky. its just nothing revolutionary, or in other words its not as exciting bcuz it lacks the, "its something new" feel. Will i buy one, no. I rather wear a #Rolex, put my money where its a secured investment.

  9. Cali4nium

    i'm highly disappointed that they took out the voice answering/reject feature in tizen 4. i feel that it's a very important feature on for a smart watch, keeping you hands free, especially while driving. Samsung went backwards with that. Hopefully they add it in an uodate. I should have kept my gear s3 frontier for the time being. Not feeling this silver either..too bad black only came in the 42mm. 2 year gap between their watch and nothing is impressive besides the battery life for the 46mm.

  10. YoutubeOverTV

    Your reviews and tutorials are gold to me. I can't wait for your tips in the watch. I have the rose gold, it's beautiful but for the rest I'm underwhelmed. I know i must not be using it to its full potential.

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